The Constant Use of Human Memory

Have you ever thought about how much we actually use our memories every day?  We have to remember our appointments and our tasks.  We have to remember to grab our lunches and eat breakfast every morning.  Sometimes, we have to remember a special occasion – an anniversary or birthday, casual dress day at work, a holiday of some sort.  That is just the big stuff, the obvious stuff.  How do you suppose we know how to talk or how to dress or how to bathe?  We know how to do these things because of memory – at one point, when we were really small, our parents helped us with these tasks until we eventually remembered all the steps on our own!  Something as vital to our lives as memory certainly deserves as much attention as we can give it!

Memory is truly and completely integrated into our entire existence – we use it to remember names of our loved ones.  We use it to remember our family history.  We use it to learn everything we know – from how to tie our shoes and button our coats to how to write a spreadsheet for work.  We use it to retain our favorite stories and books and how to play our favorite games!  The fact is, memory is the very basis of our entire lives – we honestly could not learn anything new at all if it were not for our ability to memorize things!  And, because it is so primary to our lives,  it is something that needs to be protected and exercised and invested in because nobody wants to reach a point where they cannot remember who they are or where they come from or who their loved ones are!

The great thing is that protecting, exercising, and investing in our memories is incredibly easy!  There are all sorts of tools in our everyday tool boxes that can exercise our memories!  We can read, we can write, we can draw, we can learn a new hobby or practice an old one – all of these activities help exercise the brain!  The thing is, memory training will only enhance other brain exercising activities!  Not only that, memory training is known to increase a person’s overall efficiency and performance! For just a few minutes per day, we can play memory games online at websites like  and reap the many benefits of having a stronger memory!

Just imagine how much better your life could be with a stronger memory – no more forgotten anniversaries, no more forgetting where you left off in your favorite book, no more forgotten appointments that get you trouble.  It really is just as simple as going on your computer and playing memory games online!  You can even make it a self-care routine – that 30 minutes every day that you take just for yourself to unwind and step away from life’s daily hassles and demands.  And the rewards from that 30 minutes per day are endless!