Find out why a coaching culture now matters more than ever

The pattern of business working spaces has been altered and evolved from maintaining consolidated sheets on paper to working in state-of-the-art ergonomic spaces. With the ever-escalating market changes and emerging trends, it becomes a paramount priority to keep at pace with them and present the best to the customers. 

In this current phase of the hustle and unequaled deadlines, the mental framework of a working individual, within the ergonomic peripherals is subtly stirred. This is the time when developing a coaching culture can serve to be advantageous in the long run. 

Global Coaching: A Milestone Attainment

According to a report by ICF named, “Global Coaching Client Study Final Report in June 2009,” the following data was recorded:

  • Around 80% of working class professionals at all tiers of management have gained self-confidence and adapted to the requirement effectively. 
  • More than 70% of individuals have reported an improvement in their overall performance at the workspace. With the inclusion of powerful communication skills and relationship building.  
  • About 86% of companies from variegated industries and sectors have successfully invested in the coaching culture and have witnessed growth at a tremendous rate. 

The above mentioned data (in percentile format) have been calculated and recorded after a rigorous inspection to avoid any discrepancy. The motive to take a brisk glance at this data and understand the importance of developing a coaching culture, with no second thought. 

Leadership Coaching Program: Creating a Pathway for the Budding Leaders 

The Leadership Coaching Programme is yet another dimension of the global coaching division. This all-inclusive program is set up and presided by an accredited coach to assist the leaders/ managers or budding entrepreneurs of the company and help them ascertain better decisions, favourable and suitable for the company. 

Building a coaching culture, now matters more than ever, due to the ever changing global scenario, be it in terms of fashion, taste, food, or engulfing trendsetters coming up with a fresh spark. To meet up to the expectations and demands of the direct consumers, a systematic working environment is evident and crucial. 

Leadership coaching helps to transform leaders to the best of their capabilities and use their skills to:

  1. Bring productivity within the ergonomic environment 
  2. Scale-up sales and engagement 
  3. Plan, draft and implement ideas with the team
  4. Acknowledge members for their efforts and hard work towards a project 

Benefits of Building a Coaching Environment 

  • Good flow of communication

The qualified coach will bridge the gap between the top-level managers and employees by initiating activities and productive tools to strengthen communication and mutual understanding. 

  • Identification of abilities and ways to highlight them 

The coach will facilitate in building a flexible mindset at the workplace and perform to the best of one’s capabilities. This will help the employees to work to the fullest, streamlining it with his abilities and interest areas to excel significantly.     

  • Better decision making

Building a coaching culture, backed by an expert will help the leaders to incorporate the suggestions from the team, analyse market-related developments and implement the planned layout to scale up sales and generate customer retention.  

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The bottom line stands in the fact that developing a coaching culture in the workplace, will not just help the leaders and position holders to work in an orderly manner but also ensure the sanity of the employees with adequate reinforcement and acknowledgment. This will enhance their performance and help them add a tinge of newness to the company. 

Undoubtedly, a coaching culture in contemporary times creates a win-win situation for both the leader (including employees) and the business at large. 


Harold Todd

Harold Todd