How To Tutor Online And How To Attract More Students?

Online tutoring classes are equipped with every kind of tools required by a classroom to be more interactive with students.

Following are the tools needed by tutors online to earn money tutoring students online:

  • Face to face conference with students.
  • Your voice should be heard clearly by the students as well as you should hear their voice.
  • With the help of digital advanced whiteboard write and draw with distinct colors so that they are understandable.
  • Use instant messaging for text chat.
  • Share files by uploading it.
  • Sessions should be accessed from all devices.

How to attract more students?

Once you became an online tutor and then you have had some experiences with a few online session classes, you got to also attract more students for booking more sessions with you.

Following are some ways to attract more students:

  • Profile: Your profile should be regularly updated. Keep in mind what students and parents would like to hear from you. Consider including messages, better if you can video record your messages in your profile. This will add a bigger value in your profile than putting a simple, boring content profile.
  • Review: Tutors online should ask their students to put reviews on their name. The existing students and outgoing students if provides positive reviews, that means you are doing good and more parents and students would get attracted to be your student. Reviews in the internet world carries big values for any product or service on sale. The more positive reviews you earn, the chances are that your profile go higher in the list.
  • Availability: Always remember the time zone your students are from as they chose a tutor online because of one of the major factor is availability.
  • Sessions: Anytime a student messages you for help, help them out, remember that this is another reason they enrolled under you.