Solomon Admissions Consulting

Every student has the desire to study in top college, but because of grades or test scores some of them are unable to take direct admission in their dream college. Grades and scorecard cannot measure the potential of any student. We know every student is unique in their own way. Top colleges have plenty of high scoring students but to make you fit with them and make your dream come true Solomon Admissions Consulting helps you. To get enrolled in a top college you have to market yourself as the best applicant. Our admission consultants are former college officers, they advise students according to their match. They know how to get best position in the college application. What each college desires to see in its students is actually inside the head by the experts. Solomon consultants ensure about the letters, activity sheets, teacher recommendation, and interviews with a perfect strategy.

Services provided by Solomon Admission Consultants are:

  • Personal Statement Assistance
  • Supplemental Essays Assistance
  • Shoring up Weaknesses
  • Insider Information on College Preferences
  • Extracurricular Activities Consulting
  • Strategic Positioning Consulting
  • Mock Interviews Coaching
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Graduate School Advising
  • Combined BS/MD Medical Programs

Solomon Admissions Consulting has information about various university and colleges. We know every student has their strength and interest. Therefore we take one-on-one consulting and find the best college for every student according to their choice and interest. Our mission is to make every student’s dream come true. We help students to choose the best college for them according to their passion. We have success stories of our students and we feel good to see them happy. Universities or college want to know about the personality and more about the student, how best are they? Solomon Admission Consulting helps to find if there are any problems that can interrupt in the future as well.

Particular preference of every college or university is different and because of this applicants gets unpredictable results. The team of our consultants exactly know what the college wants from their applicants. Solomon Consultants help the student to prepare on topics by moke interviews and craft a compelling personal statement, which displays the hobbies, interests, and passions in a concise and compelling manner. Solomon Admission Consulting has high rates of admission. For many years we have been providing our service to the students. We not only consider students for admission but we completely try to understand about them and advice them what would be best for them.

Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina