Facts About NCERT

Adapting to the widespread use of technology in terms of educating humans for consuming knowledge and showing how to use the learnt skills in their daily routines, proves to be impactful for the survival of the species. Keeping this in mind, educating the youth for helping them build a successful career should be the core responsibility of every citizen of a country. NCERT which stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training is an organisation and an initiative taken by Government of India on September 1st 1961.

Most of us know that it’s headquarters is located in New Delhi. This organisation has taken the responsibility to publish books from class 1 to 12 and is followed by every private and government institutions which follow the CBSE curriculum. They provide the least expensive books and can be easily got in rural areas also. The reason behind this is that they believe every child has the rights and ability to read. You can find various books and ncert solutions for class 11 biology, which helps students prepare for their exams in every corner of the country.

The organisation provides study materials in various languages depending upon the geographical demographic. The materials have all the basics and fundamentals with respect to every chapter in all the subjects. They provide aspirants with topics and concepts for preparing for entrance examinations like NEFT and JEE(Main). NCERT official app is developed by this educational committee of the Government of India.

With almost one in five children going to CBSE affiliated institutions, with the help of this app, they will now have access to the major coverage of curriculum on their finger-tips. This app is compatible with android phones and because of its very reasonable size, it won’t occupy much of your device’s space. It has wide variety of books which has been sequentially arranged on the tip of your fingers. The ‘ePathshala’ app is one of the most used app in India due to its wide demographic spread of users downloading at a regular basis. The idea of this app came as a part of digital India campaign and has been promoting extensive use of information and communications technology in the learning process.

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Harold Todd

Harold Todd