Tips to improve your writing

Are you a student? An up-and-coming novelist? A freelance copywriter? If your job or routine pits you against writing tasks or challenges – this article is going to be very helpful. We will give each and every one of you tips, tricks and insights on how to improve your writing.

Follow structures

Trust me, your new and unique structure is not the best thing since sliced toast. If anything, self-built text structures usually just confuse the reader. If you are writing a letter, essay or review – there are publicly available templates with descriptive structures. Use them and once you get the hang of it and become a pro – adapt the structure to your writing and create a whole new mould which others might follow.

Short sentences

It’s best for immersion. Say it with a few words. No need for blabbering or rambling. Think. Construct. Lay it out. Never hesitate. Sentences can also be just one word. Yes. Really.

You see? Well, not a perfect example but as you see, short sentences force the reader to involve themselves into your writing. Of course artificial and non-organic production of short sentences is usually very hilarious, but if you manage to cleverly incorporate it once in a while – a Pulitzer awaits.

Punctuation is important

No one likes a person who doesn’t know how to use commas, exclamation or question marks. Clever use of these can add great value to the text.

Focus on a specific niche

If you write sci-fi novels – don’t move to food recipes and vice versa. Specific vocabularies, text and paragraph structures as well as other nuances do not transition well from one niche to another.

Use additional tools and software

There are tons of stuff online which you can use to improve your writing. Plagiarism scanner is one of many. Use a plagiarism scanner to make sure what you upload, publish or hand in to your professor is original. Because, as you know – plagiarism is punishable.

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Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell