Careers to consider after graduation

After you  finish your tertiary education, society effectively demands that you study or travel – or both. While this isn’t a blog about the former, it certainly pertains to the latter.

Sports journalism

Get behind the pen or keyboard by covering many events around the world. Whether you find yourself at the FIFA World Cup, Rugby World, Cup, Australian Open, Champions Trophy, Ashes series or other, writing about cricket, football and others can be plenty of fun. It, too, is hard work – and very rewarding. So dig deep, do your research, and see what options out there are best for you and any other friends that might want to do the same.

Become an actor

Get involved in the world of acting by enrolling in a film and TV diploma Brisbane or other Australian cities have to offer. Acting can be a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work and you must expect to put in years of graft before seeing lucrative fruit. It’s not a about the money earned, but we all have bills to pay and acting can do this for you


Good woodwork is quite hard to come by in this day and age of mindless machinery. So, the need for craftsmanship is in greater demand, from those who love it and can afford it. Give this a go, and you won’t be sorry.

The service industry

Hotels and restaurants offer plenty of career avenues to explore. Whether it’s becoming a chef or a front of house manager or manageress that tickles your fancy, the opportunities are there. Nobody will expect you to become the next Gordon Ramsay or start the next version of Master Chef, but the job will provide you with a marvellous chance to serve your fellow humans.


Here’s another great way to really get your hands dirty, try apprenticeship in construction industry, so to speak. Housing and other forms of accommodation are always a great need, from Australia to North America and back again. Every country around the world is exploring ways to come up with more housing, which is effective, cheap enough and looks after the environment in some way or another.


Malls and shopping outlets always need people to service their customers. Study sales and marketing and you will be good to go for this sector of business. A poor salesperson can really send a customer running, but a good one can get them to spend so much more than they were going to originally, simply because they appreciate your hard work ethic and friendly smile.


You’ll need to study long and hard to become an investment or private banker – or any other kind of banker for that matter without education. One is not talking about a person behind the counter at the teller queue here, one is talking about private office and one-on-one meetings. It’s personal, not mass produced – and requires love and attention accordingly. Think long and hard before you get into this sector, as the demands on your time and head space can be quite hefty.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd