Get an MBA from One of the World’s Oldest Universities

Madras University’s Institute of Distance Education is offering MBA in different disciplines. One would have heard about Human Resources Management, Finance & Accountancy, Operations and Supply Chain Management. But it is not that easy to spot a university that offers MBA in some of the unique areas like Hospital Management, Apparel Management, Export-Import Management, etc.; this provides an opportunity to those who wish to do an MBA in an area they desire to.

Why Should One Prefer An MBA From Madras University?

Apart from the unique, niche courses offered by Madras University, there are other reasons as to why one should prefer an MBA from Madras University.

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  • Worldwide Recognized Certificate

Wherever you go around the world, the certificate from Madras University is respected widely. Not every university’s certificate is respected around the world, but the certificate from Madras University is.

  • Fewer Fees With Excellent Course Framework

The university offers MBA in General as well as in Executive style. One could also take up an Integrated MBA straight after school from Madras University. The Executive MBA is designed in such a manner that it makes one a complete professional. All these courses are offered at such fewer rates. The Integrated MBA covers all the aspects of a business as it is a 5-year course.

Thus, these are some of the reasons why you should prefer an MBA from Madras University. This option is a boon for those who are working and under circumstances that do not permit them for a regular college.

How to Apply At Madras University

One should visit the website of Madras University Institute of Distance Education and can apply online as soon as the admission process begins. Visit the mbaglue site to avail all the info.

Clare Louise