PENGU Swim Schools Are Available to Teach Swimming in the Houston Area

If you are the parents of children in the Houston TX area, you believe how important it is to teach kids about water safety as early as possible. This learning will make children swimmers who are confident around water. Parents must put their children into the hands of professionals to teach them and it is sometimes hard to let go. But we as parents need to know that our children are taught to behave in these situations and the water environment.

Swimming schools

These swimming class teachers will want to assist you in doing so, by giving their area of an indoor swimming facility where they can teach our children to learn the skills while enjoying the entire experience at the same time. These swim lessons Houston are a great way for your kids to learn what fun swimming is. There is also another branch at the Pengu Swim School-Riverstone

PENGU Swim Schools

The name of these swimming schools is PENGU and from the experiences of others, we really know how vital it is to get this notion right. For the past 2 years, interested parties have traveled to many US and European cities to look in at the best swim schools and aquatic facilities. This team combined the very best practices of both methodology and design. There are lots of reasons to be members of the US Swimming School Assoc., and Safer3. It is exciting to offer the Dallas community PENGU Swimming Schools. You can get one of best swimming lessons from Swim Hub.

What these facilities offer

PENGU Swim School facilities are 7,860 square feet state of the art indoor pool that has the following:

  • A climate controlled separate gallery for viewing for parents
  • Humidity control in the pool area with a water temp of around 90 degrees
  • A state of the art water purification system
  • Snack bar offering snacks that are healthy
  • An assortment of drinks for parents who are busy and on the go
  • Sailing Beach theme décor
  • Individual changing rooms with diaper changing stations
  • Dedicated play area for siblings and student to use while they wait
  • Blow drying station for after lessons
  • Swim suit drying
  • PENGU store that offers variety of goggles, aquatic toy and swimsuits
  • Free WI-FI connection


Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina