How Can Education Assist In Eradicating Poverty?

Education is a key factor to prevent and reduce extreme global poverty. A lot of countries around the globe are starting to realize the significance of education and are spending in it considerably. Making education available to hundred percent of individuals in the world is one way to make sure that poverty declines. Let’s glance at the most important ways education can eradicate poverty.

The Ways Education Prevents Extreme Poverty:

The following are some of the ways that can help prevent extreme poverty:

  • Health:

Education advantages individuals’ health throughout their whole lives, from a mother’s pre-delivery lifestyle to the possibility of developing ailments later in life. Ladies with at least six years of quality education are more likely to utilize prenatal vitamins and other helpful tactics throughout pregnancy, thus decreasing the risk of the infant or maternal mortality. Also, the baby of an educated woman is two times as likely to survive to the age of five as an uneducated lady. Lastly, mothers who’ve got an education are fifty percent more likely to vaccinate their kids at early ages than the ones with no or little education.

Generally, education boosts individuals’ knowledge of how to live a healthy life. Educated individuals acquaint what types of foods are most healthful, and therefore are more likely to purchase healthier foods for themselves and their kin. Educated women will acquaint how to cook healthy food for the families. Education also offers individuals acquaintance about vaccinations, fitness and clean drinking water. In most events, an educated individual is a healthy individual.

  • Economic Growth:

Economic growth is a natural effect by educating a whole population. Researches show that each additional year of education can increase an individual’s pay by ten percent later in life. It denotes that a country’s GDP can boost by one percent annually by giving education to its whole population. Boosting a country’s GDP makes countless opportunities for development and trade.

Education also makes more individuals who are prepared for the workforce. More workers in a country mean fewer individuals will be jobless. Joblessness has a high connection with poverty; therefore, by appointing more individuals, a country’s extreme poverty rate will naturally reduce.

No country has attained consistent and rapid economic growth without at least forty percent of its adult population being educated. Education can encourage individuals to become harder workers and can provide individuals the drive to move up in the labor force. Boosting the literacy rate in a country can significantly improve economic development.


Clare Louise