Job Application Services: Which is the best?

There is a wide range of Job Application Services āfor different languages in Germany. For a lot of English native speakers the German languages is pretty difficult. If you want to apply in Germany, a Job Application Service can be a very good thing to save time. If you can talk proper German, it’s not necessarily that you can also write a good cover Letter (which is very important in Germany).

So we tested some services in this field. The most important question is: Which service provides the best customer support in English? Which one has the best results?

The Test was simple: We called and checked the following most common services in Germany.

Tested aspects:

Is any service agent available in English? (50{34f3ed944e4a7026e0aa413275b4f522db244163693f0ce08b14e6b73ced177d})
How fast is the service? (25{34f3ed944e4a7026e0aa413275b4f522db244163693f0ce08b14e6b73ced177d})
How good is the Job Application? (25{34f3ed944e4a7026e0aa413275b4f522db244163693f0ce08b14e6b73ced177d})

  • Call was not answered, no information provided about how long it takes to write a cover letter.

Overall rating: 3,0

  • tt-bewerbungsservice: Good, proper answer, but no new orders possible. Takes 5-7 days. Overall rating: 2,5
  • No website in English available, call was answered very friendly and an English agent was available. Takes 4 days or 24h with an extra charge.
    Overall rating: 1,2

(Rating scale: 1 is the best rating and 6 the worst) – we admit that this is not the perfect name for a service providing help in Englisch – did the job very well.

Conclusion. With richtiggutbewerben it is pretty easy to order your job application. It was the easiest way of the tested websites. The customer service agent was very helpful and the whole process was good. Negative aspect: The prices are a bit high.

Should you pay someone to write your CV?

If you aren‘t a native speaker but you have to write a full job application in a foreign language, a professional service is the best you can think about.

Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell