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Esports athlete

Within the past decade, competitive video gaming has become a multi-million-dollar industry. Esports have a fan base of hundreds of millions of people from all around the globe and this number is rising daily. The 21st century has seen esports athletes become the epitome of modern day sports stars. The top tier esports athletes have earned millions in their short careers. The average age of an esports athlete is around 20 years’ old but by this age, the best athletes have spent between 10,000 and 20,000 hours playing their chosen game – it is best to start young if you want a career as an esports athlete.

The esports world is extremely diverse; there are a variety of different esports games/franchises that players can choose from. The most popular esports franchises include; League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Hearthstone, amongst others. Whatever country you are from, there will be an esports scene near you. Current esports athletes started within their local scene before branching out when they realized just how good they were. As aforementioned, esports athletes are young and they start even younger. If you’re above the age of 30 then don’t even bother thinking that you can earn millions as an esports pro. Probably 99{34f3ed944e4a7026e0aa413275b4f522db244163693f0ce08b14e6b73ced177d} of the current top 100 esports athletes in their respective fields started playing their specific esport franchise between the ages of 8 and 13.

On the other hand, there are some new up and coming esports franchises such as ‘FIFA’ that are only just beginning to establish an esports scene. This could be a way in. Another influencing factor is that there are rumors that esports will be introduced into the Olympics as a medal even in 2024. If these rumors turn out to be true, the idea that video gaming is a nerdy past time for sun shy teenagers will be well and truly out of the window.

Web master for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for websites all around the world. Simply speaking, SEO is working in a specific way in order to ensure your website is ranked as high up as possible in Google searches. The higher Google ranks your website; the more views your website will receive. Although Googles rules surrounding how it ranks websites changes fairly often, at the moment, websites who are wanting to rank well on Google are ensuring that other high profile sites are linking to their website.

Simply speaking, smaller websites are paying larger ones in order to become larger websites themselves. Due to Googles algorithms, when trustworthy websites link to another site, they are in fact giving a thumbs up vote to that website. The more thumbs up votes a website receives, the higher ranking it will be given on the google search engine.

What is now often happening is that websites are paying other sites money in order to publish an article that contains a specific link in it, they’re buying votes, so to speak. There are now many entrepreneurs or middlemen who are making contacts with various website owners and offering them articles for a price. These middlemen will be in contact with smaller website masters as well as larger website masters. For example, a middleman will say to the smaller website master that the cost to publish an article on the larger site is $200 whilst in actual fact the price that the larger website master is charging could be $100. After the deals have been completed the smaller website owner will have a thumbs up vote which will increase their SEO, the large website will have received $100 cash from the smaller website for their vote and the middleman will have made $100. Everyone’s a winner.

Contemporary artist

The world of art is a notoriously difficult one to enter. It should be said that nobody becomes an artist because they are looking for fame and fortune due to the fact that less than 0.1{34f3ed944e4a7026e0aa413275b4f522db244163693f0ce08b14e6b73ced177d} of artists achieve this. On the other hand, 21st century is different to, say, renaissance art where you had to be skilled at drawing or painting or sculpturing. Contemporary art is different; it is about original thinking. After all, art has historically been used as a method of expressing emotion. Renaissance art expressed the perfection of the human form, body and mind after years of suppression courtesy of organized religion where god was seen supreme compared to the lesser human form. Other forms of art express political agendas – Banksy is a famous example of an artist using art in order to criticize modern politics and the hypocritical world that we live in today.

Contemporary art provides an opportunity to reflect on contemporary society and the issues relevant to ourselves and the world around us. It reflects what we as humans are right now. Any human living right now can contribute to this art movement. When it comes to art, nobody is above another due to their social ranking or wealth. The Saatchi Gallery is one such postmodern art museum, it even contains a social media section.

Professional football gambler

Gambling is a risky business – that goes without saying. But if you do your research, clue yourself up to the odds and likelihoods of certain bets, then gambling can go from highly risky to highly profitable. Professional football has never been easier to gamble on nor research. Matches from China and the USA to Iceland and Bulgaria can be bet on. Whilst there has never been more information surrounding football leagues, players and teams from all around the world.

If you can predict, within reason, whether a specific team is more likely to keep a clean sheet, or score +3 goals then you may be able to profit from football betting. Of course, research is key to this. Thanks to football data banks and the internet, you can find out, based on the stats, what minute a football team is most likely to score or concede in, whether they’re likely to receive lots of yellow cards in a match or only a few and a whole host of other statistics.

Football betting markets are billion dollar industries – this is due to the fact that most people lose, however, do your research, bet within your means and there’s no reason why you can’t be highly profitable from becoming a professional football gambler.

Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina