7 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid At A Job Interview

An average employer will usually call at least half a dozen short listed candidates for an interview for any given position so you have to make sure you stand out and grab that job!

Enrich your interview preparation by carefully avoiding these lethal 7 mistakes:

  1. Arriving Late:

This is probably the worst kick start to the interview process, running late does not only show your poor time management skills but also the lack of respect for the interviewer and the company’s time so always make sure you leave home well before time and reach at your destination at least 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time.

  1. Not Dressing Appropriately :

When you arrive for your interview, make sure you are dressed appropriately  according to the position you applied for whether the dress code of the company is formal business or smart casuals, make sure the clothes are clean and well pressed.

  1. Distraction-Free Interview: No Mobiles Or Coffees:

Who doesn’t like to have coffee on the go and there is nothing wrong with it as long as you ditch the cup of coffee or bottle of water before you enter the building, same goes with your cell phone, just turn it off or mute it and keep it in your bag or in your pocket.

  1. Talking Too Much Or Too Little:

There is nothing more annoying to an interviewer than a candidate who talks to much about irrelevant things as well as someone who just answers in monosyllables, so make sure you strike the right balance and answer only when spoken to, be precise and to the point.

  1. Not Researching About The Company & Background:

Always research the company and read all industry news related to the organization which will enable you to anticipate questions that the interviewer might ask to assess your leadership skills, creative problem solving, strategic planning, analytic thinking, communication, teamwork and motivation which are very important aspects of your soft skills development

  1. Lying On Your Resume:

Exaggerating the truth or outright lying on your resume is an absolute no no. wIt is always better to be honest when it comes to questions regarding your technical skills and educational qualifications but at the same time there is nothing wrong in clarifying your own special selling points and the reason you want this job. Instead of admitting your shortcomings, always be prepared to be a willing learner and say positive things like you will be very interestested in enhancing yourself by attending soft skills training programs.

  1. Talking Ill About Previous Employers:

We all have had our share of really bad bosses but bad mouthing them in front of your prospective employer is faux pas you need to avoid under any circumstances. This was one of the things that was taught to me at one of the leadership training programs I had attended at my previous workplace. If asked why did you quit a particular organization, answer diplomatically and say you wanted more growth in your career and you did not see it happening there so you decided to move onto better your career prospects.

Ensure you sail smooth in your interview by avoiding these common mistakes!

Clare Louise