How to stay in U.S. if my H1B RFE denied?

What should I do if I do not have H1B?

H1B has not been drawn, or h1b rfe did not pass, what should I do? Still want to stay in the United States and continue the American dream. If you are just an undergraduate, it is simple, the most secure plan is to continue to apply for a graduate degree, in addition to an additional master’s degree, you can continue to draw H1B (h1b 申请).  If you already have a graduate degree or don’t want to study further, there are still multiple ways to stay in U.S. For example, work for non-profit organization, investment immigration etc.  

  • Applying for Graduate School if you are undergrad for now.

When applying for graduate students, you should choose STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Math) majors. Science students are better off when applying for STEM major, but what about liberal arts or social science students? Don’t worry, many schools now have STEM related fields to liberal arts, such as some communication majors, some financial analysis majors and some art majors, all of which are STEM majors. Specifically, which schools have liberal arts related STEM majors, you can consult the school admission department. Another issue is the high tuition fees. Some students will think that just for the purpose of drawing H1B, the cost of at least 50,000 US dollars a year may sometimes far exceed my salary. Is it worth it? In fact, many international students with an undergraduate degree in the United States, when applying for postgraduate studies, if the application materials are perfect, they can not only successfully obtain the OFFER of the prestigious school, but also have a scholarship of at least 10,000 US dollars per year. If you use CPT to do Part-time during your graduate studies, the tuition problem has already been solved.

After getting a graduate degree from a prestigious university, the starting salary for graduation is also much higher than that of undergraduate students. STEM students are more likely to find high-paying jobs. Another benefit is that the probability of a graduate degree draw is much higher than that of an undergraduate student, and it can be said that the probability of staying in the US is greatly improved.

  • Apply jobs for universities and non-profit organizations

Many students do not know how to stay in U.S. and find legal work if their h1b rfe denied. You can apply universities and non-profit organization jobs. In fact, the job in university is not just a professor and a lecturer. It is not necessary to draw lots. And you can submit an H1B application at any time, regardless of the quota. The results can be obtained in the fastest 15 days after the application. Is it very exciting? In addition to the university, there are non-profit organizations affiliated with or affiliated with the university that can have this preferential treatment.

  • U.S. immigration!

EB5 green card application requires at least 500,000 US dollars of investment, EB1 needs a skill or academic talents, relatives immigrants need immediate family members to hold green cards or US citizens. If such conditions are met, why not take it one step further?

Clare Louise