5 Amazing Facts About Plant Cells

While learning science during your high school years, you would have certainly learned quite a bit about plant cells. There is no doubt as to why we consider them as one of the elementary concepts in Biology. However, you would have only studied the exam oriented aspects about the same. Below are certain facts that you might be practically amazed at their profound effect on the environment around us:

  1. Producing food: If someone quizzes you with a query on the sole living thing that creates food for itself, there should be no anxiety from your end on answering the name of the cells of plants. The name of photosynthesis also is known to you since junior high as this is the same process with which food is produced.
  2. Unique features:

Since the cells of plants are unique on its own, there is no way that you could compare it with animal cells. The plant cells on its own, has a vacuole, chloroplast and a rigid cell wall which would totally add into three unique components.

  1. Function

Did you know that the rigid cell walls of plants would not be enlarged despite having large quantities of water as intake? Yes, it is true as the cells of plants have to keep the plant shapes intact.

  1. Vacuoles

Have you ever thought about how plants store their wastage of any kind? Well, here is the answer as vacuole does the job for them. No wonder why the rigidity of the plants is also easily maintained by the vacuole.

  1. Chloroplasts

Did you know about the fact that without the presence of chloroplast, there would be no photosynthesis? You heard it right, as there would have been no life on our planet without it. Just see how such a tiny aspect of a plant cell has such a crucial role to play in supporting our environment.

From all the above facts you had recognized, it could be proven beyond doubt that there is much more than what we had recognized in classroom textbooks. This is because class room textbooks are purely exam oriented rather than knowledge or entertainment based ones.  The school education systems should be revamped to such an extent that both the knowledge and exam oriented aspects are covered in a wholesome manner in future. In short, students would only understand concepts better if they are able to enjoy their learning activities.

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Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina