How Your Smartphone Will Help You Get Through College

For those of you who have just graduated from high school and are on the way to college – did you know that your iPhone or Android can help you study?  (I know, shocker right?) There are lots of stats for use of a laptop for studying high schools and collegebut not many use smartphones for anything other than entertainment. Let’s change that!

What you can do with smartphones

First, your smartphone basically has the computing power of a laptop from 5 years ago.  Since you are going to have your phone with you anyways, leave your laptop at your dorm!  It makes your backpacks too heavy and students are already starting to have spine and back problems. Yes, Do use your laptop for writing papers (and try to avoid doing all of the papers in a 1 week period) but don’t carry it to class everyday – just take your smartphone.


Other ways to use your smartphone include:

  • Recording lectures – most smartphones have 10 GBs or more of space; use it!
  • Research – for any papers you need to write;
  • Breaking news – breaks first on social media – great for any humanities, social science, or business students;
  • Emails – Often professors post their lectures, test grades and other information about classes. set up an notification so you don’t miss out1
  • Textbooks – Check to see if your text books are online as many college bookstores have started selling digital books.  At least you wouldn’t have to sell an arm and a leg to afford it.

How to Use Your Smartphone Most Effectively

Many of you may refrain from using your phones for school work because of data costs but this can actually be avoided by relying upon public Wi-Fi.  You need to understand you risk others being able to see everywhere you go, and hackers can use that information to hack you. These public networks are not secure.  However, but do remember the dangers of public Wi-Fi networks that it can pose to your beloved iPhone (sorry, I am an Apple fan).  Malware protection and VPNs would help negate the problem though, even if you are an Android user.  So, what should you take away from all this?  Use your smartphone instead of your computer!

Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina