Understanding why the field of Data Science is getting so important

It has already been officially declared that being a Data Scientist will be the most in demand jobs in the twenty-first century. Why is this position in so much demand these days? A short answer could be that there has been a large explosion of data in the last decade in both the data retained and the generated data from the companies, and that also includes me and you. We sometimes refer to it as big data as if it were a large pile consisting of lumber that we would like to use in some kind of a building project and build something out of it. It is only Data scientists who are able to make sense of all this pile of data and just what use this pile can be used for in meaningful ways.  At Alexa, their Data team is in the right, middle and center in working towards generating actionable and robust analytics from the immense amount of data sets.

The gap in demand and supply

It is a result of their efforts that help in bringing clarity in how people get to interact with the internet and form the basis for very useful features which in turn inform the most critical of the business strategies. The actual demand for the data scientists and the people who work around them is increasing so rapidly, that McKinsey has predicted that by the next year, there shall be a whopping fifty percent gap between the demand and supply of the data scientists. And this may be good news for you, but what in the world does data science encompass? And what exactly will we do when we have all this data?

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So, what is data science?

Data Scientist is kind of like an adult version of a kid who just cannot stop with this Why question. They are the unique kind of people who will go inside an ice cream parlor and get 5 separate scoops for their cone since they badly want to know which one tastes like what. In the same manner, the term of the data scientist seems to be that catchall kind of a title which covers many different shades of the work involved. We think that is the biggest differentiator between the data scientist, the statistician, the analyst or the engineer; a data scientist ends up functioning in all of these roles. Now of course, for someone who holds the title of a data scientist will do in a given company whatever his role is required to do at that company and the person himself. To us, it may look like one of these titles rather a mixture of all of them. To us, someone working in the area of Best Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad is somebody who happens to do one of these tasks:

  • Analysis of Data
  • Statistics/Modeling
  • Prototyping/Engineering

It is intentional that these tasks are stated in this particular order and they actually reflect the cycle that a project of data science follows.


Now you may have a better understanding of different aspects of a job as a data scientist. We are sure you must be thinking of ways of training that will help you gain entry in the job market as a data scientist. Well, now you can.  We recommend that you start with the right Data Science Training in Hyderabad.

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