Top 10 most popular MBAs

Master of Business Administration popularly known as MBA is a 2 years course which is meant to make a student “master” or “proficient” in different available management subjects with respect to the specialization he has chosen. In this post we are going to discuss about the 10 Most Popular MBA Specializations in India.

So, what are they?

Well, let’s take a look at them in detail:-

MBA in Finance

MBA in finance is preferred specialization which lets you extensively prepare yourself in various subjects such as budgeting, costing, capital management, international finance etc.

MBA in Marketing

Are you looking to opt for a competitive, challenging, awesome and highly proficient field which can cement your professional career further?

If yes, then this course lets you with understanding the behavior of consumers, markets and advertisers by enhancing your communication skills further.Image result for Top 10 most popular MBAs

MBA in Human Resource

Do you have zeal towards looking after the workforce by managing your demand and supply in emerging economics? If yes, then the course offers the best bet where frequent growth is promised with lots of facilities as well.

MBA in Information Technology (IT)

The position and duties of managers are highly respected and important, considering the series of methodologies he has to adhere with respect to planning, selecting, designing, administrating and converging information along with communications technologies. Yes, it does through designing and implementing hardware and software solutions which can actually create a boost further. You get to learn through this specialized course.

MBA in International Business

The world is becoming smarter and smaller with the advent of technological inventions and considering the frequent international business operations, a highly esteemed future awaits you too.

MBA in Operation Management

MBA in Operation Management lets you get a thorough and detailed understanding about production management related tasks and functions. Yes, be it maintaining process flows, developing vendor along with enhancing inter-departmental relations etc.

MBA in Supply Chain Management

How about proving to be an asset in business management? Yes, you are supposed to accomplish your tasks with respect to warehousing, inventory management and transportation of materiel as and when required.

MBA in Agri Business Management

Rural India is the biggest market which has lots of potential and considering this important trait, this specialized course lets you to market with a specific focus on agribusiness sector.

MBA in Health care Management

A healthy India is the cheerful India and this specialization course lets you adopt skills with the focus on hospital and administration.

MBA in Rural Management

Well, if your focus is to create a better and prosperous rural world, then this specialized course is something you need to do. There is greater need for people with specializations.

Final thoughts

Finally, aforesaid are the top 10 most popular MBAs. Now, you can utilize your skills in doing the course according to your preference and specialization.

Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell