Four Ways A Legal Recruiter Can Streamline Your Next Hire

The search for a new job or employee in Toronto, Ontario can get very complicated, no matter how much experience you may have. Job seekers do not always know where to look or how to find what they want, and law firms tend to require their perfect candidate quickly, but don’t have the resources to succeed in this task as expediently as they need. For these reasons and more, it is often advisable to use a legal recruiter for your hiring needs.

Within the legal profession, it is important to find the right match between employer and employee. The law firm needs to find the perfect fit for their company and the new hire need to feel satisfied with their new job and that the firm will live up to their promises. A good legal recruiter will act a bridge between the two, ensuring both parties are completely satisfied with their decision. What other benefits can one expect from using a legal headhunter?3

  1. Industry Experience

Any experienced headhunting firm like the Heller Group that specializes in placing legal professionals will know which companies are hiring, and which of the top talent are open to accepting new positions. They will also know the best fit for employer and employee, based on the requirements and expertise of each.

  1. Commitment to Making the Right Connections

A recruitment agency like The Heller Group will make sure that it does a thorough search to find the right candidate for any particular law firm. This will include a direct search, which digs out those professionals who are passively, not actively, looking for a job. For the job seeker, the legal recruiter should act as an intermediary, approaching top talent with offers from top law firms while maintaining confidentiality.

  1. Personalized Service

The needs of the client and the jobseeker are paramount. Any headhunter that does not take the time to find out what these needs are is not providing quality service. Recruitment and placement of lawyers should not be about the volumes.

  1. Communication

A good legal recruitment firm will keep in touch with its clients, even after the deal is sealed. It should keep employers informed about new employees that may make a good fit for their company in the future as well. Good communication leads to lasting relationships and numerous referrals.

When looking for a good legal recruitment firm, make sure you identify one managed by lawyers. You also need to find out what values drive the company – is the driving force money and volumes, or quality? If they simply care about placing a high volume of individuals at firms, but not the quality of that talent, they won’t be the best firm for you. To the best agencies, your company won’t just be another number – they will truly care about you and the individuals they place for you, providing only the top talent. Make sure you choose a recruiter who cares about your reputation and your career.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd