The Right GMAT Instructor Can Help You Do Better On Test Day

If you have a career in business, finance, or management in mind and you’re hoping to earn your MBA at a top business school, a high score on the GMAT is the first step to achieving that goal. As the GMAT is one of the main vetting tools grad schools use to select prospective students, and as the test is lengthy and specialized, it is necessary to prepare with the help of someone who knows the test inside and out. The right GMAT instructor employed at a reliable test prep centre can make sure you are prepared for the test, increase your score, and improve your chances of getting into the best business school. A good test prep course will take the anxiety and frustration out of the preparation so that you make sure you are your very best on test day.

The GMAT is a high pressure, rigorous, standardized test designed to measure skills and predict the future success of future MBA students. Potential students have only 3 ½ hours to prove their abilities in four different areas: analytical writing, integrated reasoning, and quantitative and verbal skills. Preparing beforehand is essential to achieving a high score, but simply crunching practice test after practice test isn’t the wisest way forward.

If you live in the Montreal area, and you are planning to take the GMAT, you should make sure to invest in test prep that can provide hours of training with qualified and highly trained instructors who have already earned GMAT scores in the top 2-3{34f3ed944e4a7026e0aa413275b4f522db244163693f0ce08b14e6b73ced177d}. These experienced instructors break down each area of the GMAT and teach the most efficient problem solving methods for the four major types of test questions. You will implement these techniques with real test questions, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and have the opportunity ask for help and receive additional practice for areas where you have difficulty. By taking the best Montreal GMAT prep course, future MBA aspirants can best managetheir academics, job, and family, while still logging the required studytime to ace the GMAT.

Life is busy and most of you are juggling more than just your studies. The good news is you can still fit in test preparation. A test prep centre such as Montreal’s Quantum Test Prep will offer a variety of classes and packages designed to fit your life — in fact, you can attend on nights, weekends, or even complete a condensed boot camp course over one long weekend.

Conversely, if you only need help for a specific aspect of the GMAT exam, there are options designed to focus on areas where you need the most work. To determine which Quantum GMAT package is right for you, consider the following three questions:

  • What is my desired total score goal (on the 200-800 scale)?
  • What is my GMAT baseline score level at present (i.e., from a practice GMAT test)?
  • What is the total overall score improvement I will need (i.e., the difference between the prior two numbers)?

Based on your answers to these questions, Quantum can help identify which specific GMAT course package — or individual modules — would be most appropriate for you. Contact the test prep centre nearest you today to learn more.

Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell