Simple and Effective Tips for Finding a Job Abroad

Sometimes the best way to find a better position is to search for job openings in a different region. While you could search for jobs in a nearby state, widening your search to different countries provides more opportunities and the chance to start over in a new land. There are several steps that you should follow to find a new job abroad.

Explore the Job Forecasts in Multiple Countries

The first step in finding a job abroad is to find out where the best opportunities are located. You do not want to move to a country with a failing economy or one that does not have quality job prospects.

Start your research with a closer look at employee data and labor forecasts for different countries. These forecasts are available online and include additional data that can help you review the state of the economy in various regions.

Compare Countries to Narrow Your Choices

After reviewing the economic data of multiple countries, begin comparing the countries to narrow your choices. Besides the economy, you may want to learn more about the culture and the quality of life that you can expect as an immigrant.

One of the best ways to learn more about what it is like to live in a specific country, you should speak with expats that have lived in the area for a while. These are the people who are best equipped to explain the advantages and challenges that you will face.

Review the Tax and Immigration Requirements

You also need to ensure that you can work and live in the countries that you are considering for your next job. Some countries have lengthy application processes for applying for a work visa or applying to become a citizen. You need to review the immigration policies before committing to a job in another country.

While most countries have strict requirements for individuals that want to work or live in their countries, there are also many countries with bilateral agreements. These agreements often make it easier for people to freely move to a new country and seek employment. For example, if you are currently a resident of a country in the European Union, you can find employment in any other EU country without any major restrictions.

Besides immigration laws, you also need to pay attention to tax laws. This includes local and government taxes that you may need to cover after you are employed.

You should always determine the tax and immigration requirements before applying for a new job. In some situations, the application process for a work visa may take several months. This may delay your ability to accept a position in a foreign company.

Search the Local Job Sites and Job Boards

You should now have one or two countries in mind for your job prospects. The next step is to search local job sites to find job opportunities. Google and other search engines automatically determine your location when you perform a search query. This can make it difficult to find job listings in other countries.

If you need help finding jobs in other regions, you may need to use an online tool to trick search engines into thinking that you are in a different country. For example, when searching for jobs in Thailand, you will get better search results if the search engine believes that you are in Thailand.

Start Networking or Work with a Recruiter

While you may get lucky and find a job through a local job board, most positions are filled by people with connections to the company. It is hard to get a referral when you live abroad and do not know anyone in the country.

Depending on your industry, you may be able to start networking to make connections in other regions. You may have business associates who have worked in the country or who have valuable connections.

Besides networking, another way to find job opportunities that are not advertised is to work with a recruiter. A hiring manager or recruitment agency in Thailand, can help find suitable positions and often has ongoing relationships with the businesses in their area.

These tips should help you seek employment in a foreign land. However, there are many additional details that you need to consider. While finding a job abroad can be exciting, you should take the time to learn more about the region, the immigration laws, and the culture.

About the Author

Arnat Tamnoraset is the Digital Marketing Manager for PRTR, the largest independently run recruitment and outsourcing company in Thailand.

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