What are the Top 10 websites for Downloading NCERT books for Free?

NCERT textbooks available for class 1 to class 12 are a venture of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The textbooks are used by the CBSE board and it is also recommended by the various state boards. The question papers of CBSE board exams are usually based on the content given in these very books. To know more about NCERT books visit this page https://www.toppr.com/bytes/ncert-books/

1) All NCERT books are available for free at the official NCERT website:

NCERT provides all of these books for free as it wants to make these books available to every student in the country. You will find the books of all subjects from Science to Commerce to Arts stream. The solutions of the questions of these books are also widely available.Image result for Downloading NCERT book

2) NCERT has also launched e-Pathshala where you can read all books online for free and for this, the link you will have to visit is:                                                                                                                                    


This is a new online platform where you can read the books by just flipping the pages without even downloading the files. It saves you a lot of data and the extra burden of data storage. However, if you want to store the book for later use, there is an option to download the files as well in pdf format.

3) You can also download the ePathshala app for Android, IOS or Windows from the website of National Council of Educational Research and Training. It will help you for sure. Apps are good as you can use these books on your Smartphone also. So if you have a good Smartphone, you can download these apps and read whenever you want to. In fact, you can also share them with your friends easily by just sharing the app.

For Android users, you can directly use the link below: ***Google Play ePathshala download link ePathshala – Android Apps on Google Play. If you have an Android phone, you need not go any further. Just download the app from the link here and get ready to top your class from the world class NCERT books.

4) https://www.iaspaper.net/ncert-books-free-download/

This website is for the students preparing for the civil services and since the NCERT books are very important from the competitive exams point of view thus they provide ncert books from 1st standard till 12th.

5) Aglasem also provides a good list of these NCERT books. Given is the link for the website:

You can always reach out to Aglasem for various other books and solutions. You can also get updates from the site. They also have sample papers for the students to help in preparation and along with that they provide videos for better preparation of exams.

6) Notemonk gives you the link for downloading these books very easily.

This is a website where you can find mostly all the NCERT books.

7) https://www.ncertbooksfreedownload.com/ncert-books-solution  

This site provides the NCERT books as well as their solution. It is specifically for NCERT books alone. Books are the hints to work in various spheres, and they should be utilized in a definitive way. The students who seek the books to score good marks in their examination can go through the NCERT books as they are the best platform that a student can get and they can download all the books and their solutions as well free of cost from this website.

8) http://www.trendinghour.com/edufever/ncert-books-download-free

This site also provides the NCERT books for free. It is easily accessible.

9) http://ncertbooks.prashanthellina.com

This website also provides NCERT books for free download and they are segregated as per the class on the home page of the website and they also have a comment section like the student can comment if he/she require a definite edition of the NCERT books and they might get it for him/her.

Other than these there are various other options which Google search will always provide but many of those are paid places to download these books and many may turn out to be faulty URLs but many may not and you are free to choose which ever you want.


Oswald Cassin