How to find a good drum school for your neighborhood

Playing the drums can be really rewarding. You can let go of your frustration and anger. You can distract yourself from your daily problems and in the bargain, you can learn to play the drums like a pro and get many admirers. So, here are a few tips that will help you find drum class in Singapore

1.Get to know what you exactly want

Before you research possible drums schools, consider your goals for playing and expectations from a good school. Are you a beginner interested in learning the basics?, Or you want to refresh skills you learned earlier in life, or you want to play at school or church, compete at recitals, or pursue a musical career. Asking these to yourself will make it easier to identify the best school for your needs with clarity.

2.Know the student better

Student’s age matters. You are the student, or maybe you’re a child is. A drums lessons approach towards a child student is different from how they would engage an adult student. You might prefer someone who works with students of the same ability level if you’re a beginner. Similarly, a person who is looking to play for the public may need a teacher who is more disciplined and systematic.

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3.What will your style be?

If you are interested in playing a specific type of music, then  Just like the student’s age and ability level, many drums schools specialize in particular types of music such as jazz, classical, or pop. You may also choose someone who suits your specific genre or someone who is adept at different types of music. Individual drums lessons will surely  know the most about  avoiding common frustrations that  beginners have and be less rigorous when compared to a school which works with professionals

4.Start researching the names of schools.

Once your goals and expectations are well established, start looking for individual schools who will cater to your needs. You may want to know the names of several drums classes to begin considering. This will make sure you find the best match for yourself. Sometimes there are ads placed by the school in the yellow pages of telephone books. The yellow pages will also help in pointing out to you a drums store that can recommend a school.

5.Make sure you take recommendations into account

Word of mouth proves to be one of the best resources in finding a good drums school. It can very easily, and quickly point out a reputed school. Friends and family will have some recommendations, through own experience or from people in the field they know. Local elementary and secondary schools may also help in finding good schools for children. Music and drums stores are a good source of recommendations for good drums schools too.

6.Make a list of the probable options

Researching schools in your local area regarding who meets your requirements and making a list of several possible drums schools whom you can contact and pay a visit, will organise your search. Having several options in your hand will allow you to choose only the best that meets your needs, and also those, with whom you feel comfortable and inspired to learn from. Writing down the considerations factored into your decision to put their name on your list will also help.

7.Pay a visit for demo classes

If  the classes “in action,” can be seen live  it will give a good idea to you about  their style and whether the current students are comfortable and happy with their style of instruction. After a few schools are considered, compare each of your experiences . Making  a checklist of  your likes and dislikes about each drums school will give   you an overview of your experiences with each teacher. Once this is done you will  be able to pick off the  list of your top choices.


Clare Louise