A guide to private student accommodation in Newcastle

Newcastle is a vibrant city with prestigious higher institutions of learning for people to attend. Students come from many different parts of the world to Newcastle for one form of education or the other. These students basically need a place to stay while studying at one of the colleges or universities in the city. Most institutions in the city offer accommodation to students, which is usually located somewhere on campus, and students can either stay on campus i.e. in one of the halls of residence or stay off campus in a private student accommodation often provided by property agents in Newcastle.

Unlike other types of student accommodation, private student accommodation offers much more luxury and privacy, not to mention the level of security you get. So how do you choose a good private student accommodation in Newcastle? What are the things to look for?

Choosing a private student accommodation is almost impossible without the help of a reliable property agent in Newcastle. These agents have experience in providing private student accommodation, so they know how to provide the best private accommodation, within the shortest possible time. Although some universities provide information about property agents on their website, if your school doesn’t have such information, then you have to look elsewhere. You can start by asking your classmates about where to find the right property agents, or you can even search online, by specifying your school area in the search, just so you narrow down the search results.

Once you are able to get in touch with a student property agent, you need to be clear about what you really want. Before you hire the agency, you need to be clear that they won’t charge any agency fee or request for upfront rent from you. You should have a clear picture of the kind of student accommodation you want, and the money you are willing to spend. Knowing this is really important because the student property agent will ask for those information and even much more.

As a student, you don’t want to stay in a house that is too far from your school, since you have to commute to school almost every day. This simply means that the location of the private student accommodation is also something that needs to be put into consideration. You can specify the location you want, by putting the distance to your campus into consideration. Talk to the property agents to know if they have private student accommodation close to your school. Choosing a place that is located close to your school will help you save time and money on transportation.

The cost of getting the private student accommodation cannot be ignored. This means that you have to talk to the agency beforehand, you can let them know how much you are willing to spend on getting a private student accommodation, i.e. by giving them an idea of your budget. This will help them search for the ideal private student accommodation for you. FindSpace is a property agency that can provide you with affordable private student accommodation in Newcastle at http://findspace.co.uk/

Harold Todd

Harold Todd