How Much Do Personal Trainers Earn

Right now, the average salary of a personal trainer in the UK is £19,468 according to Payscale- an amount not to be sniffed at. However, this figure can vary wildly depending on a variety of factors, including how much time you spend working, and what sort of qualifications you have. In this article, we’ll explain some of these factors, to show why it’s worth persevering as a personal trainer if you want to reach the top.

The main factor that determines how much you could earn as a personal trainer is how hard you are willing to work. If you’re only doing it as a job on the side, then you’re naturally putting a cap on your earnings, although you could still make a sizeable sum. By throwing yourself into your new career full time, though, you’ll be able to make the maximum amount as a personal trainer. Just like your clients, it’s all about hard work and determination. With that, the sky’s the limit!

Of course, if you’re working as your own boss. your salary will also be dependent on how many people hire you. The best way of increasing your personal trainer profile is to gain a professional qualification. If you don’t have any qualifications as a personal trainer, then your services will be less in demand. After all, when people hire a personal trainer, they want to be sure that they’re getting the very best quality service. On the other hand, if you’ve taken a course in personal training from a reputable provider, such as Origym (, potential clients will see that you are someone who really knows what they are talking about. Holding a qualification will also allow you to charge more, since you’re marking yourself out as a professional, and not just someone trying to make a quick buck on the side.

If you choose to go down the route of working for a gym, then a qualification will also work in your favour. Not only will it make you more likely to get a job as a personal trainer in the first place, but it will also get you started on a higher payscale. One important thing to note at this point is that different gyms put their staff on different types of contract. Some offer a fixed salary, which is great because it means some job security and takes some pressure off you as an employee. Some, however, pay hourly wages, so you’ll need to put some serious time in if you want to maximise your earnings.

A qualification isn’t the only thing that determines how much you can charge your clients, though. When people hire a personal trainer, they want experience. If you’ve got some previous success stories under your belt to show potential clients, then they are more likely to work with you, and be willing to pay a higher price for your expertise. The longer you stick at your job as a personal trainer, the more you will stand out from the crowd. Don’t be put off if you aren’t making an enormous amount in the early days- keep at it, and your salary will soon pick up.

Finally, your location also has a big impact on how much personal trainers earn. The city with the most demand for trainers is London, where people tend to be more hung up on how they look. In cities in general, personal trainers are also in higher demand, because people lead busier lifestyles and will want some guidance when it comes to keeping fit. On the other hand, personal trainers in smaller towns, or places where there are already multiple trainers offering their services, may find it harder to attract clients if they are self-employed.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd