Questions To Ask When Considering Online College Learning

After serving the military comes retirement from service. What to do next is a big question. The years spent in tours of combat may change your life’s course which could lead you in a quandary as to which job fits you best.

Understanding the need to re-educate yourself with a course that you always wanted is a must if just to put food on the table. Feeding the family comes first and if you are going to depend on the level of education you left behind before becoming a denizen of war-torn countries, nothing comes up good.

Luckily, there are some servicemen who had finished their degrees and if you’re not one of them, schooling is the best answer.

Now, what will it be for you? Enrolling in a nearby school or making it easier by means of taking up Online college learning? It is not too late to do some thinking about this. Nevertheless, you have to know how to assess online universities and this can be pretty easy if you know where to start.

Importance of online learning

· Convenient: Provides you with flexible time that allows you to do some chores at home while studying.

· Lesser time spent: Online course modules are fast-paced that does not take up several years. Lessons are condensed to make things easy for students to learn.

Inquiring from online education websites is highly suggested but you have to learn what questions to ask to determine if you are on the right venue. Below are some questions you may want to ask when looking to embark in online college learning.

Questions of you may direct to a representative of an online school site:

1. Is the school you are looking at accredited by the Department of Education?

This should be number one on the list. You have to be sure that the school is accredited otherwise your chances of being hired by companies is nil.

2. Is your choice of course among those offered?

If you cannot find the course you like to enroll in, go to the next. There are several universities found online that take up a long list of courses and the choices are great.

3. Does it prepare students for a licensure exam or a master’s degree?

Advancing to a higher educational status is not just one man’s ambition—it is everybody else’s as well. If you have not taken the state board, considering you previously took up nursing, then, look for a sign from a website that says it takes on review classes for licensure exams. It goes the same if you are looking towards advancing for a master’s degree.

4. How challenging are the programs?

Never choose an online college learning site that says it makes everything easy for its students. Get the one that challenges the mind so as to obtain more practice and experience. If the instructor is always absent or your modules do not arrive in your email inbox on time, then, consider complaining of the lackadaisical process.


5. Can you afford the tuition fee?

Online learning can be costly and sometimes charges run up to twice as much as regular schools. Although there are financial aids available, you have to be aware that you could pay more for fees that could lead you to unnecessary debt. Consider looking for programs that may allow acceleration to save on costs or those capable of providing scholarships.

6. What academic models are used by the online school?

Does the learning site offer traditional learning process just like what actual universities provide? This involves the typical class where students take up subjects using conventional semester methods and require you to follow a specific schedule and number of tests and assignments.

Meanwhile, a competency-based schooling allows students to use their own schedule and tons of learning resources that make enrollees practice the art of mastery in their fields of study. However, there are also schools online that combine these two models. Therefore, it is up to you to choose which one suits your lifestyle.

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Harold Todd

Harold Todd