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Derivatives are not only an integral part of mathematics. They are also contributing to the fields of science and engineering to an exponential extent today. For example, the application of derivatives enables the mapping out of the Rate Of Change of A Quantity. It may also help analyse the approximation value, the equation of Normal And Tangent. It also helps determine the minimum and maximum values of algebraic expressions. 

If you are excited about learning the Application Of Derivatives Class 12 Ncert Solutions, this article is for you. 

Application Of Derivatives In Maths 

Derivatives are widely used in maths. These can come in handy for evaluating the minima and maxima of a function. It may also help map out the slope of the curve and also the inflection point. However, the most common places where the application of derivatives take place is in:

  1. Finding the Approximation Value 
  2. Finding Rate Of Change Of A Quantity 
  3. Finding the Equation Of A Tangent and Normal To A Curve
  4. Analysing the Increasing And Decreasing Functions 
  5. Finding Maxima and Minima and also the point of Inflection.

Derivative For Rate Of Change Of A Quantity 

The application of derivatives helps us to look out for the approximate change in a specific quantity. This is done concerning the change in the other quantity. Take, for example, that we have a function, namely y=f (x). This could be defined in the interval [a a+h]. So, the average rate of change would be (f(a+h)-f(a))/h. 

Approximation Value 

Here, the application of derivatives helps come up with a linear approximation of a function. This method was provided by Newton, who suggested mapping out the value of the function at a specific point. Once that is done, find the tangent line equation to map out approximately close values to the function. So, make sure you know about it thoroughly to excel in Application Of Derivatives Class 12 Ncert Solutions. 

Tangent And Normal To A Curve 

The equation of this can be estimated by putting the application of derivatives into action. If we have a curve of a function and wish for the equation to be found on the tangent, then it can be done using derivatives. One can easily map out the slope and equation of the tangent line. A tangent is a line to a curve that will only touch the curve at a single point. So, its slope is equal to the derivative of the curve at that specific point. 

Maxima, Minima And Point Of Inflection 

Both Minima and Maxima are the peaks and the valleys of a curve. On the contrary, the Inflection point is the curve where the curve modifies its nature. One can easily map out the maxima, minima and the point of Inflection by applying the first-order derivative test. 

Increasing And Decreasing Functions 

The increasing function is what it looks like to reach the top of the x-y plane. On the contrary, the decreasing function looks like going to the downside corner of the x-y plane. 

The Bottom Line 

If you want to score well in Application Of Derivatives Class 12 Ncert Solutions, make sure you learn about the application of derivatives thoroughly. It will be significantly beneficial to you. 




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