Using a Tax Rebate Service

Why does something so simple, and rewarding – getting money back via a tax rebate service – fill us with dread so much? Why do we avoid using a tax rebate service, when it’s in our interests to?

Is it because we think it’s complicated, or its going to be expensive, so we convince ourselves it’s not worth doing? Or is it because we don’t know that the truth is, it’s easy, quick, and relatively low cost?

Hopefully, after reading this quick guide to using a tax rebate service, you’ll perhaps think twice about those previous (false) misconceptions and actually getting around to claiming back what’s rightfully yours. Your wallet will thank you for it!

Who should use a tax rebate service, and what can be claimed for?

Freelancers, self-employed, businesses and even employees can all benefit from a tax rebate service. Employees especially can benefit because not all companies assess tax for their employees correctly. Additionally, most companies are not aware what tax rebates employees are entitled to – or they are, and as it’s not in their interests, they don’t do anything to help the employee.

Tax rebates can be claimed for a variety of circumstances, such as :-

  • Pension Tax Rebate
  • Tax Returns
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Uniform Tax
  • Construction PAYE/CIS
  • Tool Tax Back
  • Left or Leaving UK
  • Mechanics Tools
  • Mileage and Travel Tax Relief

What can a Tax Rebate Service do for me that I can’t do myself?

Whilst it’s true that using a Tax Rebate Service is beneficial, of course individuals can attempt to claim their own tax rebates. However, the schemes can be complex, and in many cases, employees aren’t even aware of what can be claimed – e.g. left or leaving UK, healthcare workers and tools schemes.

By using a tax rebate service such as Tax Rebate Services, the first benefit is awareness  – they’re likely to know far more than any individual about what schemes and items can be claimed for.

Secondly, a specialist tax rebate service is familiar with all the processes, the forms, and the best ways to claim for maximum results. Individuals are generally producing their ‘best guess’ when applying and sometimes, forms can be filled incorrectly, which delays any tax rebates.

Thirdly, a tax rebate service will generally work on a ‘no rebate, no fee’ policy, so there’s no obligation to enquiring with them about a tax rebate.

Finally, when using a tax rebate you’re very likely to benefit from having an overview of your working circumstances being undertaken. For example, if you discover you could be eligible for tools, it may also be the case you’re also entitled to using your car for work, so an increased claim could be made. Likewise Self Assessment can also be undertaken for clients when they approach tax rebate services, thus saving a lot of time and hassle at tax return time.


Harold Todd

Harold Todd