How to sure shot clear your improvement exam

Improvement exams are for students who are not satisfied with their marks and are willing to retake the exams. CBSE Improvement Exam can be taken in one or more subjects in the succeeding year only after passing the subject in Class XII. The examination would take place in March. A candidate cannot appear for improvement examination in the subjects which he/she failed to pass.

There’s only one way to revise your subjects and prepare yourself for the CBSE improvement exam with a sure shot guarantee to pass.

Online procedure for CBSE Improvement Exam 2016:

  1. Visit this website
  2. Enter your 2016 CBSE roll number in the first text box.
  3. Enter your 5 digit school number in the second text box where it asks your 5 digit school number In case you appeared as a private candidate and don’t have a school number then you have to enter 99999).
  4. Enter your examination center number, please refer to your 2016 CBSE admit card for this.
  5. Click on proceed and fill up your details and make the payment online or through E-Challan from the respective Bank.
  6. To upload your scanned color photo and scanned copy of bank challan, visit this website
  7. To make payment, visit this website.
  8. Note down your “Application Number” and “Roll Number”

Learn these chapters first:



Mole concept, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium and Electrochemistry
Practice sufficient number of numerical as they form a major portion of questions.


Stereochemistry, GOC (General Organic Chemistry), Reaction mechanism and Functional Group Analysis.


Mainly conceptual questions, concerned with structures, processes and applications
Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry & Qualitative Inorganic Analysis.


Electricity and Magnetism
Modern Physics
Heat and Thermodynamics and Waves and Sound
Measurement and errors


Vectors & 3D
Complex Numbers
Definite Integral
Conics and Trigonometry
Differential Calculus
Permutations and Combinations
Matrices & Determinants


Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina