Anthony Bronaugh on The Three D’s of Success: Determination, Dedication, & Discipline

Behavior Analyst and Motivational Speaker Anthony Bronaugh Says Success in Life Requires Making Choices

Almost everyone wants to be a success, organizational behavior expert Anthony Bronaugh says. But most people find success elusive because they do not know how to make the choices that lead to it.

Success Is What You Say It Is, Anthony Bronaugh Advises

Different people have different definitions of success.

One person may define success in terms of wealth. Another may define success in terms of health. Parents may vicariously experience success through the success they perceive in the lives of their children, and teachers may gauge success through the accomplishments of their students.

Successful people always have detractors. Human beings are hard-wired to detect differences in well-defined patterns. This train was supremely useful when cave dwellers needed to hear the crackling of a twig in the underbrush to warn them of a lurking saber-toothed tiger. The same brain patterns incline us to critique the personal lives of those we see as successful.

It is never good to take detractors personally. They are only human. But as Anthony Bronaugh recommends, you can choose to live up to your full human potential through the three D’s.

Determination Is the Foundation of Success, Anthony Bronaugh Says

The bedrock of success is making up your mind to be successful.

There is an element of try, try again in determination. Successful people stick to their objectives even if their early efforts don’t pay off.

That doesn’t mean they can’t go with the flow when they know they have reached their limits, at least temporarily. It just means that they choose what they want, not what they think they can get right now.

Dedication Helps Successful People Power Through the Pain of Setbacks

Successful people, Anthony Bronaugh says, have a realistic view of the cost of getting to the places they want to go. They don’t fold at the first setback, or the second, or the third, provided they have reasonable faith in their abilities to reach their ultimate goals.

Successful people navigate the ambiguity of what they see in front of them and what they know is possible. They choose to make the effort to create new circumstances in their lives that will naturally lead them to their goals.

At every stage, of course, there are detractors and critics. Criticism is a positive thing if it leads to course correction. But constructive criticism must be well-timed and harmonious with the recipient’s goals. No one has the right to overrule your lawful and ethical choices for the outcomes of your life,

Discipline Takes You to the Finish Line, Bronaugh Says

Successful people work toward what they want, not what they think is easily possible. They accept well-grounded and well-intentioned criticism, without letting their critics choose their goals for them. They also develop a sense of self-control and being in control by continuing to pursue their goals even in the face of adversity.

Motivation speaker Anthony Bronaugh provides a diversity of methods to help successful people develop the determination, dedication, and discipline they need to reach clear life goals. Bronaugh provides the strategies and systems that work with the three Ds of success to bring your goals to life.

Susan Rivera

Susan Rivera