Best learning app – 5 Reasons why Extramarks is the best learning app for your kids

Extramarks is the best learning app for students who have either desktops, laptops, or smartphones. This learning app comprises an Artificial Intelligence-based learning assistant called “Alex”. This AI assistant helps users with learning experiences with engaging visuals, pictures, and animations. AI helps students to clear their doubts immediately with questions and answers. Atul Kulshrestha founded Extramarks the best learning app in the year of 2009. They offer online learning facilities that build strength and provide solutions digitally from anywhere. It is the best learning app.

Several learning apps have appeared recently to help students around the world to study online. This could be one of the best learning app that helps students to acquire lots of systematic ways of learning and studying at home. . Children can easily study their subjects by maintaining social distance due to covid-19. Kids learning extra marks is the best learning app for kids.

It is the first good step to take to start your child’s learning journey. It helps teach your child rhymes, counting, colours, shapes, vegetables, fruits, body parts, vehicles, mental math, and basic cognitive skills. Extramarks apps help students to learn, ask questions and make study interactive at home. This app included such features as a quick study that summarizes the complete chapter in a few minutes 

Extramarks learning app provides a syllabus from KG to Class 12 that covers the entire topic. This app is very well-known for providing a solution for all subjects of all subjects. This app also generated and give reports, scorecards, and an overview of students’ test performance There is also a separate challenging section where students can participate in quiz contests and many more. 

1. Preparing for school just got easier- The extra marks learning app helps students learn overall through comprehensive content mapped as per the students’ curriculum. 

2. Complete kG-12 Coverage– This best learning app provides learning contents of all major boards of all classes including Maths, Science, Sanskrit, Hindi, etc. The textbook’s contents are elaborated in detail using play-based and animated for lower grades classes and hierarchical and layered based for higher levels. 

3. Learn – Practice- Test – To make a student’s learning process complete, Extramarks, as the best learning app often follow the unique methods and practice techniques for academic subjects

  • Learn- The concepts are easily explained very well in complete detail using their various media-based learning modules.
  • Practice- Students can practise the concepts they learned through numerous resources and services such as MCQs. 
  • Test- So, here all the knowledge and understandings of students are tested through several tests. These tests start from a lower level to a complex of difficulty. 

4. Quiz and Fun– Students will have fun while learning. With the app “Challenge Friends” feature, any student can challenge any single and multiple companions students for real-time quizzes on any topic. 

5. Free Academic Counselling– Suppose you have any kind of doubts about the benefit of the app and know how you can access it. Then just make a call to Extramarks experts at home for free and they will surely guide you with your queries and plan your learning process. 

Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina