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Mathematics is a subject that ensures the development of the student’s intellectual capabilities. It often seems to be the most important form of solution which help the students to increase their rationality and problem-solving capabilities. But we often observed that students especially in class 6 maths, didn’t enjoy this subject or we must say that they don’t enjoy solving the problems given to them due to a lack of proper understanding and interest. 

Hence, the online learning platform has come up with different types of methods that help the parents to deal with their kids to make the subject more interesting for them.

Class 6 maths are regarded as the basic which one must know to establish their subjects in a long run. If your child is in class 6, you must try to increase their interest in class 6 maths. That is with the help of different methods, you can make class 6 maths more interesting for the candidates. Some of them are:

  • Visual aids: online learning platforms like extra marks often provide the visual aid to make class 6 maths more interesting for the students. This platform often provides teaching-learning tools like charts, diagrams, and pictures to make the mathematics subject more fun and easier for them to digest. According to the experts, the students often like to engage themselves in those subjects where they found their interests. Hence to make your kid understand mathematics, you must opt for the extramarks.
  • Math games: the platforms like the extramarks also provide games for your young ones to create immense interest in the subject. According to the experts, it is one of the truest and obvious methods which provide competitiveness as well as excitement among your students regarding the subjects. It often helps the teachers too to align their lesson plans. There are different kinds of games like card games or board games, in which the students of class 6 need to apply the class 6 maths such as substruction, multiplication, addition, and subtractions to win the game.
  • Math quiz: A math quiz is another way in which you can create class 6 maths more interesting for your kids. In this type, the students are given questions related to the class 6 maths level, and the students are required to provide answers to win the game. Not only that, but with the help of this, your kids will also get conceptually strong on the subject matter.
  • Math puzzles: the puzzle is something that required the students to solve the maze related to the class 6 maths. It also helps the learners to practice their skills and hence grow their interest in mathematics.
  • Use of real objects like the abacus: Abacus is that thing that helps the students to enhance their brainpower in calculations. It often seems to be the oldest form of calculator which is still believed to be useful in enhancing the calculation practice.
  • Interesting math questions: the platforms like the extramarks also provide some interesting maths questions in the maths test to the students so that the students could grow their interest in the subjects.

There are lot more other ways to make maths fun and easy for the class 6 students. to get more information about the given topic, please follow the given links:


Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina