4 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in Delhi

A dream job can be described as “culmination of dreams, sweat, sleepless nights, personal battles, reality checks and self-doubt.”

People have this one job in mind right from a very young age, which they consider as their dream job. Some get it while most strive for it throughout their careers.

Besides having the three basic requirements of hard work, luck and perseverance let’s see some tips to get the dream job.

  1. Be Clear in your Goals

One should be extremely clear on which cities to focus like for instance you are looking for a job vacancy in Delhi or Mumbai or want to go abroad. It also depends on what dream job you have in mind. To be confused simply reflects that you are either directionless or are not passionate about your dream.


A data suggests that 80{34f3ed944e4a7026e0aa413275b4f522db244163693f0ce08b14e6b73ced177d} of the dream job offers land through networking. So keep building a strong network because you never know when something will click. Being connected to the community that is in the type of job you are longing for prepares you. You learn the language used and get a feel of the idiosyncrasies linked to that field. So while you are trapped in a wrong job don’t just sulk about it, but go out, meet people and make your network strong.

3.Be Persistent

There is a fine line between being persistent and being annoying. One always likes people who are persistent in their approach getting in touch regularly but after a certain gap. But, if someone pings you every other day or keeps sending you emails on a daily basis, you feel annoyed. Thus, if you think that a particular person can help you with your dream job be persistent in your approach and definitely don’t be annoying. Thus a simple helpful nudge depicting how you can be a perfect fit for the role is better than simply asking every now and then if anything can be done.

4.Build up your Skill Set 

Getting a dream job is never easy and it might take time. But why waste that time, try building up your skill set. You can acquire some skills that you are lacking in the meantime by taking some classes or courses or attending seem seminars etc.

These tips will definitely help you in taking a step closer to your dream job.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd