Begin Your Exciting Learning Journey With TheAmerican School Of Paris

If you want to build a solid foundation for your career and are looking for high quality and world class international education, the American School of Paris offers some excellent options.

It is one of the oldest, reputed and well-established international schools in Saint Cloud, Paris founded in 1946. Earlier, the main purpose was to provide schooling to kids of families who arrived in Paris during the post war period. But even today, it continues to provide excellent education to kids belonging to the corporate and diplomatic families.

Gain a competitive edge with American curriculum

The American School of Paris is one of the first international schools established in Europe that lays a strong emphasis on impacting world class education with its rigorous academic programs. As a coeducational and independent school, it caters to more than 700 students enrolled in 3-year-old programs up to Grade 12. It comprises of lower school, middle school and high school programs to suit different age groups.

Besides, it is one of the founding schools of the International Baccalaureate programs that offers flexible options of IB along with Advanced Placement programs to aspiring students.  Studying in the American School of Paris can equip students with a rich and lifetime experience matched by a supportive, caring learning environment under the leadership of highly skilled and trained teachers.

The international school of Paris lays focus on imparting traditional knowledge and innovative skills along with preparing students to face the challenges of the competitive environment. They also encourage critical problem solving skills, fostering leadership abilities, and promoting creativity and discover the 21st century skills.

State of the art technology integrated into learning

There are countless possibilities for students to explore and learn the marvels from the world of science right from lower school, where technology is integrated at all stages to make learning more fun and interesting. The art based learning concept enables students to build their cognitive and social skills at a very young age to boost their confidence levels.

The focus in middle school is on providing opportunities for understanding the basics of engineering and design concepts using innovative tools and objects. The Upper school lays focus on preparing students with critical problem solving abilities with 3D modeling, mobile application programming, coding and game designs.

Campus with world class facilities

The American School of Paris is equipped with a 21st century campus that offers environmentally certified buildings with 5855 sq. metres of learning spaces. 2 libraries with 4 computer labs, state of the art gyms, two basketball courts, newly renovated 8 future science labs, fully equipped physical training center. They have constructed a new 1898 sq. meter arts link, new cafeteria for lower school, learning spaces of 5855 sq. meter, newly constructed Upper school building with focus on maintaining sustainable and green practices.

The classrooms are designed to facilitate different learning and development needs of the students along with adequate support for learning foreign languages.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd