Searching for a career in the Igaming Industry:The ins and outs

Despite only having come to exist within the last thirty years, igaming has quickly grown into a lucrative and influential industry. It expands, develops and adapts every day – as is usually the case for businesses based entirely online. As such, it is a field filled with young entrepreneurs and high-end experts. It’s also an industry with non-stop recruitment.

If you are bilingual and have a talent for IT, HR, SEO, marketing, content writing, fraud investigation, graphic design, coding, web development or customer support then chances are high that there will be a job for you in the igaming field. If you don’t have such experience, nor a second language, the growing demand for employees means it is still worth searching for entry-level vacancies. Unsure where to start? Get in touch with recruitment agencies specialized in igaming, or simply browse through their online job postings.

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Below, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of finding employment within the igaming industry.


Multicultural environment: Because of the huge scope that they cater to, igaming companies are typically international and are made up of employees from a variety of different countries. Working alongside people of different nationalities is a great way to expand yourself. You will be able to learn about new cultures, new languages and will be able to gain an understanding of a different perspective on life. You will also be able to show future employers that you can flourish in a multi-cultural environment. Collaborating with people from various cultures allows you to gain a different perspective, offering valuable insight into everything from communication to marketing.

Opportunity for travel: There are igaming companies located across the world, from the Phillipines and Malta to the Caribbean and California. This means that if they feel like it, igaming professionals have an opportunity to take their profession to a different country entirely. Depending on your experience, some igaming compnaies will even offer relocation packages upon recruitment. If the office is based in a different country to where you are currently situated, interviews will more often than not take place via Skype.

Work environment: Of course, standards naturally vary from company to company but igaming businesses have gained a reputation for their laidback and excellent working environments. These compnaies often follow the Scandinavian style of office set-up allowing for flexible work hours, liberal dress codes, good work benefits and plenty of team bonding events. Combine this with the sunny location of the office and this makes for a fantastic working experience.

Prosperous industry: As previously mentioned, the industry is booming – which benefits the people working within it. Whether you want to join a startup or work under a well-established brand, whether for a B2B or an affiliate; the possibilities of making money good amounts of money are there. What’s more – working within the igaming industry can allow you to build strong professional contacts, both within and outside of the industry. For example, if you are a budding journalist, there are lots of roles within igaming for promotional content. If you are employed in order to promote a specific  website – is one good example of a growing esports news and betting website – then you have the option of writing a variety of different articles – from football and gaming to technology and esports. You could have your work published on the best football and gaming websites in the world – this would be both good for you and your employer: good for you because your work is being published on the best websites around, good for your employer because their website is being promoted on the best websites around.


Workforce turnaround: As with most industries that allow for both travel and freelancing, igaming companies have a fairly high turnaround rate amongst employees. Many stay only 1-3 years with a company (a far cry from the last generation who often settled with ‘a job for life’). Though this is not necessarily a serious problem, it might impact you negatively if you are in a managerial position and responsible for training or recruiting new employees. Furthermore, because many employees are flown in from abroad, it is sometimes a risk – you may have spent up to month interviewing a new employee, flown them out to the country where the office is based, sorted them out with their own computer and login details etc only for them to end up becoming homesick and leaving the company before they have spent even two weeks in the office.

Subject to change: Online gambling is and always has been a topic of controversy – that’s not going to change anytime soon. A single change in law could result in a company having to restructure integral aspects of their business. Subtle changes in technology and gambling trends can also have a drastic effect on a company’s success, and the likelihood of a serious competitor suddenly emerging should not go overlooked. In summary, the igaming industry is not the most stable of industries. If you’re willing to go with the flow and take risks, then you’ll be amongst those who are able to stay on top of industry changes. Forward thinking and planning ahead is vital for any igaming professional in a managerial role.

Moral dilemma: Though the biggest and most successful companies operate according to strict guidelines, and though online casinos and poker rooms are legal in a large number of countries there are of course those who morally object to gambling altogether. Just like any other controversial profession, you may encounter those who harbor a little judgement upon learning that you work within a field related to betting and gambling. In addition, it may weigh on your own moral compass if you are promoting or writing for sites that exist only to make money from other people losing money.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd