5 Useful Study Hacks To Crack JEE 2019

IIT JEE is one of the most prominent and popular entrance exams that is conducted for students seeking admission into some of the top technology and engineering institutes in India. Over the years, the exam has gained a reputation for being one of the toughest exams in the world. This is primarily due to the vast syllabus and there are basically millions of candidates that appear for the exam every year.

This is the only way for a candidate to get admission into the best institutes, but the competition is intense and candidates need to distinguish themselves from the rest. Further, it is essential for aspirants to prepare well for the exams. Preparation is basically the key to success and it can either make or break their future. Having said that, if students can work smartly, they can overcome the challenges of JEE.

Furthermore,  we have put together five useful study hacks to help work smartly. These hacks are tried and tested and candidates should expect a gain in performance with these strategies. Check them out below.

Create A Time-table Which You Can Follow Easily


The journey to success begins with proper planning. This involves creating a suitable and well-organized timetable which you can basically stick to or follow. Time is precious, therefore, divide the hours for studying the subjects as required. You should be able to cover the entire syllabus before the exams and even have an ample amount of time for revisions.

Don’t Ignore The Syllabus

Most of the time, students tend to just ignore the syllabus. You should be doing the exact opposite. Go through the entire syllabus and you will definitely gain valuable insights into the main objectives of the entire curriculum, as well as the aims of the question setter including the exam pattern, marking scheme and more. You will have a greater grasp if you analyze the JEE Mains or JEE Advanced syllabus in depth.

Develop A Good Understanding Of The Concepts

If you are taking JEE exams, then there is no point in mugging up the content. In fact, you should avoid rote learning all together because the question asked in the exams, especially for sections like physics and maths are tricky and indirect. They are designed to test your understanding of conceptual knowledge as well as analytical and problem-solving skills. Try to understand the basics and then move on to more advanced concepts.

Choose You Study Resources Wisely

Today, there are a lot of study materials and resources available to students. These are in the form of educational websites, books and e-books, notes, lecture videos and more. However, you should remember to select the right study tool to help your preparation. Most of the time, NCERT books are said to be useful materials but students can do some extra research work to find more relevant study materials.

Have A Look At The Previous Years or Sample Question Papers

After completing your studies, you should make it a point to test your preparation level. How? Well, you can solve either JEE Main or JEE Advanced question papers including the previous year or sample papers. You can also take mock tests. Engaging in such activity will help you get familiar with the overall exam pattern, different types of questions, allotment of marks, and duration of the paper. Make sure to record your timing as well. All in all, you will gain higher confidence and be ready for the exam.

These are some of the useful study hacks that you can follow and take your preparation to a higher level.

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Clare Louise