A Guide To Become a Physician 

Considering the role that a doctor can play in a person’s life, there is no denying that it is one of the noblest professions ever. However, becoming a doctor is a lengthy and time-consuming endeavour. As such, having the qualities of a good physician is only the start. You need to start by getting a bachelor’s degree and go through several steps to get the license finally. On that note, here is a brief guide to becoming a physician. 

Earn the bachelor’s degree 

The first thing you need to become a doctor, apart from the inherent qualities, is a bachelor’s degree. Though you do not need to major in any particular concentration during the undergraduate program, it helps you get a degree in biology or a pre-medical degree. In addition, getting into competitive programs is easier when you excel in science and math courses in your high school. 

Clear the Medical College Admission Test examination 

You will have to sit for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) during the junior year of the undergraduate program. The test focuses on multiple-choice questions and assesses the verbal and problem-solving skills of the candidate. The MCAT scores are taken into account for admissions to medical schools. Thus, you need to do well and showcase the qualities of a physician. 

Get enrolled in a medical school to complete your training. 

You can start applying to medical colleges in the summer, right before the start of your senior year. After enrolling in a medical school, the programs usually take four years to complete. You will develop the qualities of a physician through two sections of the curriculum: 

  • On-site clinical work 
  • Classroom work 

Clear the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) 

Then, passing the USMLE is the next step in becoming a successful doctor and imbibing the qualities of a physician. The exam has three parts. But you need to complete the first two while at medical school. 

The final part is taken in the third year of your medical program. 

Select the speciality and starts the residency program 

While taking the USMLE in the final years of medical school, you need to figure out what you plan to specialize in. Deciding on your specialization as per the qualities of a physician present in you will make it easy for you to tailor the application for specific residency programs. So, think deeply and make the right choice

Get the medical license after clearing the final part of the USMLE. 

The final part of the USMLE showcases your capacity to practice medicine and focus on patient care effectively. During the last part of the residency program, you will have to clear the USMLE, which signifies that you have all the knowledge and qualities of a doctor. After this, you will get the license to practice medicine in your state. 

The endnote 

Becoming a doctor might not be an easy endeavour, but it is fulfilling when you consider the impact you’ll have on others’ lives. So, are you ready to make an effort? 

Harold Todd

Harold Todd