How to Develop a Career in Floristry


Beauty, elegance and awe can all be associated with flowers. Nature’s amazing gift to us has been of significance for centuries and will probably remain so for as long as we live. From birthday gifts to surprises from loved ones and as a decorative element in homes, flowers will always be cherished. The art of floristry, which needs exemplification in truly beautiful flower collections is not the most tedious skill to acquire, however, and will be worthwhile for flower enthusiasts as there are many schools available to help in achieving just that.

Located in King’s Cross, London is London Flower School, one of the many schools of floristry in the capital of the UK that has been able to match the desire for good florals with unique styles to its trainees. Inspired by its people, culture, art and events, London flower school offers numerous courses to put you on the perfect path to becoming a floral expert, regardless of if you are a novice or expert. There are different courses available to enrol in, depending on your knowledge, time and ultimate goal of starting the course such as the two week and career courses. The two-week course will avail you the know-how on bridal bouquets, natural bouquets, over-the-arm bouquets, corsages and floral crowns, table styling as well as garlands and wreaths

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You will also be exposed to classic and contemporary focal displays.

Enrolling in a career course at London flower school, however, means you will be in for a four-week intensive training programme on floristry that will let you explore everything and anything floral. You will be open to exploring your own style, while fitting the needs of contemporary approaches to events with great floral presence. Starting at £5200 (although deposits are allowed), this four-week career course will also help you create an array of small and large floral displays and artistically coming up with wedding designs and intricate flora wiring, grand event installations as well as flowers and classic bouquets for your home.

If you are new to the floral world and wish for the perfect setting that will grow your floral passion, then this course is for you. With a certificate which will be given haven successfully completed the career course and adequate understanding of the floral concepts acquired, you could be in for a successful career in the floral industry with a career training at the London flower school.

Oswald Cassin