How Can Children Learn About The Christian Faith Through Different Types Of Books?

When you are a Christian, you often find it important to pass on your faith to your own children and to any children that you have in the family, such as cousins or younger siblings.

There are lots of different types of books that you might choose to spark a child’s imagination about the Christian faith. It is important that you try out several different types of books in order to find out which one is going to be the most effective.

What type of book will you end up choosing for the children?

Science Fiction Books

Many children are fascinated by the concept of science fiction. When you buy these types of Christian books for children, you will be introducing them to the world that is completely beyond their comprehension. They will read about alien races, monolithic space ships and planets that destruct and reform within the blink of an eye.

Tolerance is one of the main tenets of Christianity, and it can be taught in a variety of different ways. Christian Science fiction novels bring Christian space travellers from Earth into contact with different species that have wildly differing views of those than the protagonists of the story.

Instead of seeking to take advantage of these different races, the children will find that the Christian explorers value compassion and teamwork, which allow them to overcome any adversity. These kinds of Christian science books are often suitable for teenagers or for young adults.

Pop Up Books

When very young children are ready to start reading, it is a mistake to overload them with a lot of text. This will be distracting for them and they might lose interest extremely quickly. This means that you need to choose some books about Christianity that combine simplicity with eye-capturing images. This means that you should seriously consider buying some pop-up books. These books consist of only a few pages, and the images are incredibly bold and easy for the children to decipher.

The best pop-up books only have a few words on each page, so the toddlers will be able to expand their small vocabulary with any difficulties. Parables often make the best stories, because they contain only a few different characters and the overall message of the story can be broken down into a few simple sentences.

One of the most famous parables in Christian literature is when a man ignores the advice of Jesus and builds his house on sand, instead of on the firm foundation of rock. The man ignores the fact that he should look into his future and build solid foundations for the rest of his life.

In contrast, the man’s father heeds the advice of Jesus and builds a house that has been constructed on a bed of solid rocks. When a storm occurs, the sand foundations are washed away whilst the stone foundations remain intact.

This story is perfect for pop-up books.

There are many Christian books that can inspire young children for life.

Paul Petersen