Firstly college is not a walk at the park as we are told back in high school.The good grades are as a result of hard work and determination.
Good grades from high school level, college guaranteed .But how do you maintain those grades once in college .

1.Taking responsibility

College is not like high school where you had to be followed up to make sure you are in the right lane.At this point you are mature enough to know whats right and wrong.Attend your classes do your classes do your assignments revise well ,good grades are as source of hard work..If you don’t have time hire an expert from this homework help  online service here

2.know your taste

You should pick a curse that you are sure you can do well don’t just settle for any course

pick a course that seems interesting to you.That way you won’t have a hard time with the classes.

3.Understanding yourself

Do not overload yourself with courses unless you are special in a way.

Take courses according to your capability each semester.

4.Plan ahead

Once you are familiar with the class hours,make a plan on how you are going to run your semester.

i.e your own study hours and the lecturer working hours in that you are able to seek clarification where

you have a problem.Do not put leisure first ,that”s where most students get lost and end up rushing the last moment.

5.Attend classes

You came to college to study,and most classes only take three hour from the twelve you have.

you might miss a class and the lecturer decides to give a cat.You end up missing it and this lowers your grade at the end, something you could have avoided.

6.Take short notes

once the lecturer gives out his lecturer ensure you jot down the important points he says ,this saves time

as the time you will use after class writing short notes you will use it for revision.

  1. Group discussions

Create time for group discussions with fellow serious students.This enables one to understand more as

you learn new stuffs .Students get good grades if they commit and work in an organised manner.

8.Utilize the office hour

Most students tend to shy away from their lecturers.This are people brought in to help you improve you grades, get help from them and you might be lucky to get past papers which are like gold in college.

9.Don”t be a lazy buddy

If your course has got assignments and term papers,research on them well from the library or even the internet and make sure you do them timely.

last minute work gives out a shoddy work.

Oswald Cassin