Today’s Office Environment

Thanks to the introduction of desktop computers, high-speed internet services and remarkable “smart” devices such as tablets and cell phones, the modern office environment is an incredibly different place than it once was in days gone by.  The computers have made many work tasks easier and faster, not to mention the fact that devices and internet combined have revolutionized communication in ways that we could scarcely imagine even 30 years ago.  Let’s explore these concepts a little further…

Let’s take a look at how computers have made work faster and easier first, shall we?  All devices these days are equipped with spelling checkers on board that alert you when you misspell a word – that certainly speeds things up compared to the days of correction strips on typewriters and hours of proof-reading, right?  You can do every phase of a writing project right on the computer – they’re all equipped with automatic bullet functions for outlines and power points, most devices come with some sort of notepad application so you can take notes right on your device, and, of course, most computers come with some sort of word processing program (or installing one is easy enough) for the actual writing itself.  And all of this is just the mechanics.

You add internet capability to all of these devices and that is where the true revolution lies!  With the addition of internet service, you can now send a presentation to 100 people or more in just a few moments through email or Google Drive – no more standing by the copier waiting for and checking each and every copy, no more trips to the post office and high postage expenses. There are now lots of ways for an employee to send a presentation to his co-workers

And that isn’t the only place where incredible changes have occurred in the office.  The time was once that a very select few special employees got to travel for the company to attend conferences and business meetings.  Now, anybody in the office can join in these events through the help of video chat applications on the computer – applications such as Skype, What’s App and several others.  Companies can even host workshops in special office environments thanks to the computer and the internet.  For that matter, more companies every day are offering work-from-home options to their employees thanks to the internet.

Here’s another thing…once upon a time, even if you had tremendous potential, a company might not hire you if you had certain limitations – a lack of training or limited knowledge of the company’s language.  Now days, those sorts of limitations do not necessarily exclude you from the company because CEO’s can have you take seminars and training as part of your hiring process right in the office.  For example des cours d’anglais par skype sont possibles dans votre bureau and so are many other workshops and other helps.  And, these internet courses are considerably less expensive than paying to send an employee somewhere else for them. In fact for French learners who choose to apprendre l’anglais par skype they could see up to 50% less cost compared to face to face lessons in a classroom. English lessons by Skype have become a great way for many employees to learn a language, even if they do not have much free time. This is because instead they can take lessons from their home in the evening or early morning. Another great way for employees to learn online is to take a course from a company such as Lynda courses. These brilliant video tutorials can cover almost any subject you can think of and are created by experts in that field.

This is just a very brief look at how computers and the internet have revolutionized the modern office environment.

Clare Louise