How to Teach Your Kid English in a Modern Way?


Kids learn things faster when taught in a playful way. Kids aged from 2 to 8 years have elevated grasping power as this is the time they start developing their learning skills. They love learning new things, and therefore, it is the perfect time to teach them a Language like English. We have listed out a few most effective methods to teach your kid English easily. These tips will help you teach English in a modern way as well as fun learning for your kids.

1. Use Letter Magnets For Spellings

When learning words, teaching your kids spell the word correctly is often tricky. Playing with letter magnets will make your task easier and your kid enjoyable. Prepare letter magnets and start practicing with CVC words that is Constant Vowel Constant words like cat, hat, man, car, dog, etc. Arrange the letter magnets and pull out the words saying them aloud, also ask your kid to pull the letter magnet and teach them to spell the letter. Teach them to say vowels sound loud ( a- ayh, e- eh, i- ih, o- awe,  u-uh). These will help your kid pronounce the words effortlessly.

2. Use Technology and Digital tools

There many digital tools available on the internet that will help you keep your kid interested in learning English. Show your kids poem and rhyming videos, and also make them dance with the rhymes. These will help them understand rhymes easily and learn English faster. Make sure you don’t overwhelm them with the learning, as they can give up easily when overwhelmed. Understand your kid’s ability and accordingly set the schedule. There are many educational websites that can help you teach English in a modern way using self-paced courses and offering digital tools to simplify your task.

3. Use Reading Cards or Flashcards

Prepare Reading cards and Flashcards with numbers and words and pictures to make them learn new words and spell them. You can also find reading cards online or use digital reading cards to teach your kid to learn new words and number with interactive pictures and graphics. Flashcards can help your kid learn the concept of numbers quickly.

4. Engage your kid in Print-rich Environment

When you are at home or out, ask your kid to spell the word on the chart or posters, when you are out, and you find a picture or thing, ask them to recognize it, spell it, and spell the rhyming word. This technique will increase your kid’s memory as well as the ability to connect things and words.


Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina