What Are The Top Writing Mistakes Students Make While Giving SAT?

The SAT has some of the most complex grammar conceptual questions. Even if you were a topper in your Schooldays, there is still little chance if you can clear the exam. ‘

The writing part of the SAT is the toughest of them. Students often do a lot of mistakes because the least of them are familiar with such grammar questions.

Hopefully, the conceptual questions that they give, comes in a repeat. So if you just understand those concepts once, it can be a lot easier to you. Here is a list of the most common mistakes you will do if you do not have an SAT test prep.

Ignoring All Of The Answer Choices

SAT writing questions usually come up with a lot of options to choose from. Confusingly, more than one answer will look alike. Students make most mistakes because often they do not read the options and fall in prey with the identical wrong answers. Students must read the whole paragraph first and then choose the best answer.

Messing Around With Gerunds

Students often make mistakes while writing Gerunds (-ing verbs). It is one of the most common mistakes in SAT writing. Some of the popular misconceptions are-

  • Gerunds are actually nouns. They just represent the verb’s actions. So they are often mistaken as Verbs.
  • Not all words that haveing, in the end, are Gerunds. This is a popular mistake that students make most of the time. Words like ‘being’ are not Gerunds even if they look like one.
  • Other Gerund errors are too common in general statements. They almost seem like they are rare when are actually not. They are common, but students miss them most of the time.

Beware Of Pronouns

Pronouns often look easy while they can be actually hazardous. There are simple cases in addition if a sentence uses ‘Her’ while the name is ‘Mr. Jones’. So this is an easy application that you can spot if you take help from a Prep Expert.

Then there are the trickier ones. Singular and Plural become quite dangerous when they mix up with Pronouns. In such cases, you need to be especially careful. There is a key to avoid these though. Always remember that every Pronoun must have a noun antecedent. If you make it a point, you can avoid Pronoun errors.


  • Erasing An Error To Give Birth To A New One


Students make a common mistake in SAT writing. They take so much emphasis on finding and fixing one error that they unconsciously make brand new errors. However, you can avoid this by reading between the lines carefully and then deciding to choose the perfect answer. Making haste will surely lead you to unwanted errors. Also, avoid choosing big sentences as answers as mostly, the short sentences are grammatically correct. This tip works during SAT test prep.


  • The  Hazardous Idioms


Idioms are the most difficult thing to understand. There is no effective way to determine the perfect idiom, choose the one, which sounds the best to your ears.

Students make the most mistakes in the SAT Writing exam. The level of trickiness that lies within them often dazzles the students.

Oswald Cassin