Making a better habit to type fast on your personal keyboard

One to most useful thing to learn is to know how to type fast and with better accuracy. If you know the skill of typing fast then it will look good on your resume of CV. Every person is not born with the sensation that they can type too many words in a minute. This is the skill that comes from hard practice and some patients. The touch typing method off without seeing the keyboard has been used for many years. But not everyone is able to perform it and many lose the interest of doing it.

Here are the methods that will help you learn to type quickly

  •    Keep the mind set: Whenever you start the learning sessions then keep the mind ready to how much time you will be spending. Only 10 to 30 minutes typing is not enough and try to type every day for more than 30 minutes. With the personal system at home, it would be easy to take out some time for touch typing. Make the practice of typing daily and make a chart of the progress.
  •    Studying the layout of a keyboard: The keyboard has its own pattern of key placement. All the keys are placed in such a way that it becomes easy for typing. Do not hesitate to explore the keyboard and it won’t bite back. All the keys are smartly placed to make the typing work easier and also providing more accuracy. Understand how the keys are placed and keep the pattern in mind.  This will surely be going to be helpful in the future while typing.
  •    Placing the fingers: If you are having the habit of typing using one or three fingers then the habit has to be changed. All the five fingers are needed to be used for typing. Using fewer fingers will not give you speed. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the all the fingers as it will be easy for them to learn from the starting point. If you are already typing but not having the habit of using all fingers then with practice you can master it.
Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell