M&S Media Schools: Your Media School Partner

Do you love engaging in news reporting? Want to explore more about film and video making? If you want to know more about media studies such as subject to history, news, and other instructions in mass communication and is looking for an exciting type of career in your future, you can consider mass media. You can check media centers near you that welcome aspiring mass media students. You can opt for National Broadcast School.

Bonaire mainly focuses on various fields of media studies. They have five main schools located in different locations to sustain many students in other places. Mentors usually provide intensive teaching in broadcast media. They aim to produce highly competitive media professionals with leadership qualities, advanced knowledge regarding mass media and proficient experience in the workplace atmosphere as well. If you’re looking for a right school for your mass media skills, you’re perfect to be part of National Broadcast School.

Areas of specialization

M&S Media Schools are working with different media schools located in Miami, Colorado, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Chicago. They offer six general fields of mass media such as:

  • Radio and TV Broadcasting

The section emphasizes on media over the camera and microphone. In this category, they will teach you how to use media in front or behind of the camera. You’ll also be engaging in the field of sales and promotions.

  • Media Sales and Marketing

In this category, they will teach you how to engage in sales and will impact you with essential business tactics both in verbal or non-verbal kind of deals. They will guide you to create advertisements and craft image on social media.

  • Sports and Broadcasting

The sector is mostly about sports. In here, you will be educated on a specific game you want to engage in. As we all know, sports commentators have more knowledge about the sport they report on. In this category, they will teach you how to become a better sports broadcaster.

  • Audio Production

It covers broadcasting over a studio. Developing your voice skills and speaking skills is carried out here They will introduce the state-of-the-art type of tools and also introduce you to the art of the audio mix.

  • Film & Video Production

If you are interested in filmmaking, this multimedia platform is perfect for you. They will teach you how to make excellent movies here. Film production is another primary concern of the category. You will be educated on creating good scripts and use cameras with essential lighting. Besides, you can also learn to create and edit videos with advanced techniques.

  • Hispanic Media Broadcasting

In this field, you can get to know all about broadcasting. You’ll understand studio terms, legalities of broadcasting, AM/FM radio channel management, programming of radio and TV movements. You will have a workplace atmosphere so that you get a confidence boost up when you step on to the real platform.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd