Online Counselling—A Brief Introduction To It

Counselling is concerned with helping people in times of need. Since there have been many instances wherein delay in counselling has further worsened a situation, today online counselling has gained a lot of prominence. There are many ways by which counsellors can provide valuable guidance over the internet. However, the process followed mainly depends on the urgency of the condition.  Hence emails, texts, videos, real-time chats etc., have all become means of helping people in need. But irrespective of the method followed, maintaining the privacy and security of the clients gets as much priority in online counselling as it does in traditional counselling.

Online counselling has certain advantages over traditional counselling. They are:

  • Counselling sessions can be held as and when the client feels like,
  • Counselling sessions can take place right from the comfort  of the client’s home, thereby making it easier for him to disclose his insecurities and problems,
  • Clients can maintain anonymity even from the counsellor, if they so desire and
  • Counselling becomes much more accessible.Related image

Since the internet has taken on a greater role in the lives of people today, counselling over the internet has become easier to seek. With the World Wide Web offering excellent search options, seeking good counsellors online has become as easier as it is to seek friends. The use of the internet for keeping active socially, ordering food and other materials for everyday needs, working professionally etc., has today ensured that:

  • A person is always connected to the internet and
  • He is able to strike up conversations and discussions with people he has never met or seen.

This, in turn, makes it easier for these people to talk to counsellors about issues and secrets very close to their hearts. The anonymity further helps and a counsellor with a diploma in counselling and ample experience to match can really make a difference in the lives of these people.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd