Popular 5 Engineering Branches In India

After the independence era, there is a boon in engineering branch. So, it can be rightly said that engineering has been and of course will be one of the most popular undergraduate course option in India. When aspirants think about engineering most of them, unfortunately, have lots of doubts. The aspirants most of the time are uncertain regarding the engineering branch/ courses/ discipline/ specializations. One thing which really matters for engineering stream is aptitude and interest of the students. Selecting the branch is absolutely difficult.

Here is the list of top 5 engineering branches and to pursue these branches rely on engineering colleges in Jaipur.

  • Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

In today’s scenario, we are approaching towards computerization, trying to upgrade our professional and social life simultaneously. CSE is the most desired branch of engineering course. It comprises the digital knowledge of computational processes along with programming the language. With the core subjects like telecommunications, multimedia, web designing, this field has huge job opportunities. It is a vast field to work in public as well as private sector. CSE has an expanded field and with top engineering colleges in Rajasthan, you can master in every specialization of this field.

  • Electrical And Electronics Engineering (EEE)

This branch of engineering incorporates the study of a great variety of technology. The engineers of EEE branch are responsible for developing, designing, supervising and testing the production of electronic equipment and machinery. Electronic motors, vehicles, power generation, a navigation system, lights, and wiring etc. are built by these engineers making them very important for the society.

With the study of basic subjects like control system, electromagnetic field theory, digital electronics etc. you can get the chance to work in railways, factories and much more. And with the specialization in the field with the subjects like communications, remote sensing, and space system you can raise your academic standards.

  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)

It is the broadest and ancient branch of engineering. The principles of physics, material science for the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical system are all incorporated in mechanical engineering. To get the chance all these subjects in engineering colleges in Jaipur. This respectable stream requires the thorough knowledge in important areas like kinematics, material science, electricity, thermodynamics and structural analysis. The opportunities for bright future are huge with ME. The engineers can work everywhere ranging from Industrial system to a toy company. They work in gas tube industry, oil and gas exploration, aviation sector etc. providing strength to the infrastructure of giant India.

  • Aerospace Engineering

Nowadays it is the most interesting and demanding career option. Aspirants who are interested in learning about satellites, aircraft and missile must opt this field. With the help of top engineering colleges in Rajasthan make the world fly. With the help of subjects like aircraft, propulsion, aircraft structures you can get the excellent job opportunity in airways, defence ministry, air force etc. You may also opt for post-graduation and get the chance to specialize in aerodynamics, aerospace, propulsion, aerospace structure and much more.

  • Civil Engineering

It is the finest branch of engineering which involves construction, development, supervision of tunnels, buildings, dams and sewage systems. Along with elementary engineering subjects, you also study surveying, building and town planning, water resource, and irrigation etc. You may seek employment in construction projects assigned by the government. The projects mainly include railways, highways, sewage boards etc. You may also work in the field of research and training. CE is a field which needs technical education. The sub disciplines are earthquake engineering, control engineering, structural engineering etc.

The above list includes top engineering major and is been listed keeping in mind the convenience and information which the students need to make the correct choice from a long-term perspective.

Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina