Some Utterly Useless Interview Questions – And How They Pose Threats

“What can  you  call  your  pinnacle?”, “What’s  the  thin  line between  humility and  arrogance?”,  “How  do you see yourself in ten years?”, “How many hats can you wear all at once?” – Here’s a few of the most intimidating interview questions a neophyte can encounter whilst seeking for employment, giving them a horrific overview of the corporate jungle. While the talent acquisition team may find these questions effective to gauge the ability of an applicant to defend their points argumentatively, it doesn’t let out the candidates’ full potential. Some can manipulate answers that will later put your business at stake.

The Information Technology has a different story to tell, as the esoteric nature of an IT company is kept within its circle. When it comes to IT recruitment Sydney companies have standards to determine which applicant best fits the role, or is that unmindful or sugarcoated interview answers; the operations might be an entirely different jungle.

A series of tests might be given to candidates – some about building softwares. These examinations are designed to gauge both soft and hard skills that must be readily present for applicants. This might be a vital tool to weed out people and find the next big powerhouse. Unfortunately, the way interviews turn out for IT recruitment Sydney agencies, does not go this well.

Brainteaser questions such as “If you can be a bird, what specie would you be?”, or, “If you were to be stuck in an island, name that person you want to be stranded with.” won’t determine the applicant’s ability to practice these inductive- deductive approaches, logical reasoning, and assertiveness. The reason for this is because it only embarks in their sub consciousness that the position or the company welcomes a laid-back worker and considers ideas that has zero feasibility in propelling the progress of raising quality and sales.

Google Executive Laszlo Bock told ABCNews that the question “Doesn’t predict anything” and “Only gives the interviewee the feeling of being smart.” Hence, these questions do not encourage them to cite vital recommendations, hypotheses, and resolutions to combat the company’s unpredictable performance fluctuations and career impasse.

In a nutshell, interview questions may attempt to take a quick glance at a person’s mindset, work ethic, his ability to build rapport, his personal view – but it cannot guarantee how things will go down the line. In a world where educational attainment, tenure ship, accolades, skill sets, and experiences dominate careers, we must not delve onto those who’ve only mastered the art of persuasion, but fathom and enforce the most effective ways to seek the “rockstars” for your business.

Celine Katie is a writer emerging from the Human Resources industry, she writes about revolutionizing the way recruitment is where millennials dominate a huge number of workforce.


Sarah Estrada

Sarah Estrada