Things to consider before enrolling your child in a preschool

As parents, it goes without saying that you want your child to be enrolled in a reputed preschool. From the hundreds of Kids Playarea in Mumbai, choosing the right preschool that is conducive to your child’s development as well as sits right with your budget might get a bit tedious.

Apart from an open kids play area, the location of the preschool, the educational policy and the transportation facilities, there are several other important things that need to be looked into while selecting a preschool. Given below are some of the points you need to consider.

The quality of the teaching staff

With the money-making mentality taking a priority over actually raising good kids, the most important thing you need to consider while selecting a preschool is the teaching staff.
Are the teachers passionate about caring for your child? Do they motivate your child to learn new things? Are they patient enough to handle the kids? Are they dedicated and determined towards the overall development of your child? Seek answers to these questions before taking a decision.
Going by the ratings might not always be a good thing to rely on, instead visit the preschool and meet the teachers personally to get an insight into the working and structure of the preschool.

Know the philosophy of the director

The fundamental vision of the director is the guiding principle towards the functioning of the preschool. Though the director may not be always physically present, he/she plays a vital role in determining the philosophy of the preschool.
Speak with the director and know what the student to teacher ratio is, what are the age criteria for nursery admission. While some directors may be well motivated towards the fine management of the preschool programs, teaching the right values, discipline and effective education should always take the front seat. Enquire about the staff turnover and what his/her aim is towards the community as a whole.

Transparency in communication

The parents need to be constantly updated about the performance and progress of their child. This is where communication between the preschool and the parents comes into play.
Does the person in-charge send emails on a regular basis about the progress of your child? Is the communication personalized? Has your child settled down at preschool? What and how much did he/she eat for breakfast? What activities he/she did at toddlers activity center? The preschool should go an extra mile to report to parents on a regular basis, that too within an acceptable timeframe.

The trust factor

Sending your child to preschool is definitely a challenging decision for both you as well as your child. To be assured of your child’s safety and security, especially in today’s world where the fine line of trust between the two parties is fading, is something that can never be overlooked.
Check whether the preschool has CCTV cameras installed to record the activities going on at preschool and whether that footage is available to you for checking on your child. Inquire as to will you be allowed to be there in the school premises till your child accepts the new environment. A good preschool is always committed to the development and safety of your child and always encourages feedback from parents.

The kind of food served at preschool

Needless to say, health and hygiene of your child should never be neglected.
Is the food served at preschool nutritious and hygienic? Is the kitchen clean and free of unwanted mess? Are there any food options available to choose from? Apart from this, your child should also learn the right table manners and learn to share his snacks with the other kids.
Some schools practice force-feeding that may not sit right with your child. Therefore always go for the one which respects the needs and emotions of your child and not force things on him/her.

The activities and programs

Preschools lay the foundation for your child to develop motor skills, communication skills, physical fitness, social empathy and the right moral values. Hence in addition to the points mentioned above, know the curriculum and the day plan of the preschool.
It is necessary that the activities have a mix of all the skills required to form a strong base for the overall personality development. Your child needs a well guided, well informed and well structured introduction to the various topics so that he/she can discover his likes and dislikes towards particular activities, and gradually evolve into a more informed, well aware individual.

Your child deserves a good playschool where he can lay the groundwork for being a caring, responsible citizen of the future. And to help him achieve his goals, it all starts with you. Which preschool have you chosen?

Susan Rivera

Susan Rivera