Top 10 Education Conferences in the US

Nelson Mandela said it all when he said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The importance of education now and in the future is fundamental and these top 10 education conferences offer the most up-to-date technology and award-winning methods to use in and outside of the classroom to ensure the students of today are getting the most outstanding education available to prepare them for the future.

Whether your field is science, medicine, research, mathematics, languages, literature, law etc. there will be something for you. With willing participants and expert speakers from all over the globe, there are hundreds of reasons to visit one of these educational conferences in the US presenting the newest and best in education from around the world.

US Education Conferences Not to be Missed

  1. iNACOL Blended & Online Learning Symposium:
    • October 23-25, 2017 – Orlando, Florida
    • The leading symposium for everyone in the education sector.
    • Expert analysis, prominent policy-makers and influential professionals.
  2. ASU+GSV Summit:
    • May 8-10, 2017 – Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Access to prestigious workshops with Learning & Talent Tech specialists.
  3. NewSchools Summit:
    • May 16-17, 2017 – Burlingame, California
    • Event with over 1000 participants from all branches of education to bring an array of viewpoints seeking improvement for the future.
  4. National Charter Schools Conference:
    • June 11-14, 2017 – Washington D.C.
    • Platform for engaging and informative sessions on exceptional learning opportunities from the best professional development in the field.
  5. ASCD:
    • March 24-26, 2018 – Boston, Massachusetts
    • Designed by educators to offer a customized experience to other educators.
    • Training in empowering students and revitalizing learning methods.
  6. ISTE:
    • June 25-28, 2017 – San Antonio, Texas
    • Improve strategies and find incredible resources for revolutionizing classroom practices.
  7. SETDA Leadership Summit & Education Forum:
    • October 22-25, 2017 – Maryland
    • Corporate presentations, extensive discussions and student panels about technological innovations in education.
  8. Bb World:
    • July 25-27, 2017 – New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Exchange ideas, practices and take part in solving some of today’s most difficult educational challenges.
  9. The Forum on Education Abroad Annual Conference:
    • March 29-31, 2017 – Seattle, Washington (2018 TBC)
    • Focus on addressing issues in the education systems on programs abroad.
    • Includes studies on pre- and post-travel experiences.
  10. International Conference on Education (ICE):
    • July 30 – August 3, 2017 – New York
    • Forum for educators to discuss innovative teaching methods covering a multitude of subjects.

Education Summits – Before you go!

Before heading off to plan your visit to one of these excellent education forums in America, there are a few things you should jot down on your to-do list:

  • Research – Remember to find out as much as possible about what the educative conference in question is offering: the highlights, sessions you can get involved in, speakers that cannot be missed, networking events, other participants.
  • Prepare papers – If you plan on submitting a paper or wish to present yourself as an exhibitor, do so well in advance, slots in these conferences will go very fast!
  • Visas – If you’re traveling from outside the US, it’s very important you ensure you’ve got the right travel authorization for America. For many participants ensuring you’ve correctly completed your ESTA registration will be all you need but others may need to get in touch with their local embassy or consulate.
  • Attractions – When you’re traveling abroad to take part in an educational symposium, it’s not all work, work, work! In addition to the social events that will surely be organized by the event planners, why not take some time out for yourself and discover the tourist attractions available.

Finally, now you’re all ready to go! We’re positive you’ll make the most of your trip to the US to learn about new academic opportunities and the latest pedagogical evolution stages.


Harold Todd

Harold Todd